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The 6 Best Road Races in Arizona!

az road races

Are you ready to break a sweat while traversing stunningly beautiful, yet challenging terrain? Or maybe you’re just interested in watching one of those thrilling events? Arizona has exhilarating races sprinkled all throughout the state, just waiting for you to join in or come watch. Here are the best road races in Arizona.

Rugged Maniac, Phoenix, AZ

This rugged and intense race course is full of obstacles such as “Frog Hop,” “Tipping Point, “Pyromaniac,” and 25 other challenges that would get you all muddy. 

Tough Mudder, AZ

From “Cage Crawl” where you’ll have to crawl under a 60 feet steel fence to “Electroshock Therapy” where you have to jump over bales of hay that are covered by live wires, you get it all here!  

Muddy Princess Phoenix, Mesa, AZ

This is an all women race that involves a lot of mud, running and fun without a time limit! Muddy Princess Phoenix features a whole lot of events such as “You Go Girl” “Hot Mess” and “Get Over Yourself” were participants are judged on their running, climbing, and jumping capabilities. 

Terrain Race -Tucson 2024 , Tucson, AZ

Terrain Race - Tucson 2024 stays true to its name offering participants a series of complex obstacles that involves a lot of sliding, jumping, dodging, and crawling. Not to mention the muddy path and wet tracks where you are bound to get dirty! Also your kids can enjoy the monkey races while you get all messy. 

Flagstaff Extreme, Flagstaff, AZ

The 5K and 10K running tracks run along the pine trees of Flagstaff offering you a stunning view of the deciduous forests. You’ll also have to encounter six-foot walls, climb cargo nets, and crawl through muddy trenches to finish first.  

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, AZ

The race track runs along some pretty iconic locations starting from the Mill Ave Bridge and finishing at Tempe Beach park. This path runs along the Tempe Lake and is followed by a festival featuring live bands, good food, and other entertainment stalls. 

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