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10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Oregon

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Oregon is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the US, so it should come as no surprise that there are countless restaurants in Oregon dedicated to protecting that lovely landscape with vegan food. If you want the best of the best, check out these top vegan restaurants in Oregon.

Blossoming Lotus, Portland, OR

Your taste buds will blossom with joy when you treat them to the fabulous food at Blossoming Lotus. This Portland favorite serves up delicacies that are 100% plant-based, often organic, and sourced from local farms.

Toasty, Bend, OR

Feeling like something toasty and delicious? Find out where the Toasty food truck is for the day. This Bend food truck travels throughout the area with fantastic plant-based cuisine.

Viva! Vegetarian Grill, Eugene, OR

Whole vegan food is one of the best ways to rediscover your vitality, and that’s the goal at Viva! Vegetarian Grill. This Eugene food cart may look humble but it has vegan food that’s worth writing home about.

Epif, Portland, OR

You can find just about any type of cuisine in Portland, but you don’t find South American food often. Epif is your go-to spot for outstanding vegan food that’s inspired by the Andes Region of South America, offering unique and tasty food that’s truly crave-worthy.

Lively Up Yourself, Bend, OR

Breathe new life into your diet with Lively Up Yourself. This neighborhood food truck frequents Midtown Bend with all your favorite vegan comfort food staples

The Mocking Bird, Beaverton, OR

The Mocking Bird’s quirky name, referring to the vegan mock chicken it’s famous for, is just the start of its creativity. Taste the ingenuity in its unique vegan comfort foods like vegan fried chicken sandwiches, vegan mozzarella sticks, and more.

Melange Eatery, Medford, OR

Melange Eatery is one of those restaurants people rarely stumble upon by accident, located in the basement of Medford’s Main Street Market building. When you find it, though, it’s sure to become part of your usual restaurant rotation with its fabulous vegan food.

Black Water, Portland, OR

Black Water is the ultimate place for vegans and non-vegans alike to hang out and have a great time. Check it out for 100% vegan eats and drinks, including vegan twists on all your pub food favorites.

Cornbread Cafe, Eugene, OR

Whether you’re having a rough day and need a bit of culinary therapy or you just have a taste for comfort food, Cornbread Cafe will hit the spot. This vegan comfort food spot in Eugene serves up favorites like chik’n and waffles, the original Eugenewich, and a build-your-own platter option.

Salud Live Kitchen, Bend, OR

Salad Live Kitchen is one of Bend’s best places to find revitalizing vegan food. Try its vegan versions of eclectic classics like tacos, wontons, and more.

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