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The 10 Best Fusion Restaurants in Colorado!

co fusion restaurant

A fusion restaurant is an establishment that combines different types of food, predominately from different regions of the globe, into a tasty masterpiece. When some people think of a fusion restaurant, “Asian fusion” is what comes to mind. Although this list does contain a few Asian fusion places, there are also a number of unique fusion restaurants in Colorado that surprisingly combine cuisine from more than just Asian countries. Try something completely unique at these 10 best fusion restaurants in Colorado. 

Chuey FU's Latin-Asian Restaurant, Denver, CO

This fusion restaurant tops the list with a unique menu that mixes Latin and Asian fare. Find tacos and burritos and even ramen and rice bowls at Chuey FU’s Latin-Asian Restaurant. Chuey FU’s was once a humble food truck in Denver but now has expanded to a brick-and-mortar location. After enjoying some Korean beef or Mexican aguachile, indulge in dessert with a churro or some mochi balls. 

Caspian Cafe, Colorado Springs, CO

Caspian Cafe presents a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods on its fusion menu. Every food item on the menu here even states what country the dish is from. Enjoy Greek dishes like gyros to Middle Eastern favorites like the falafel or kebabs. Dishes from France, Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, and Italy are all present on Caspian Cafe’s eclectic menu. 

Asian Cajun, Denver, CO

Asian Cajun mixes the bold flavors of Cajun cooking with Asian cuisine. This fusion restaurant has both Asian and Cajun appetizers and entrees but some dishes gracefully mix the two cuisines together. Enjoy the Asian Cajun Platter that includes seafood spiced with Cajun spices yet comes with a side of fried rice. Or indulge in the extremely unique Cajun ramen noodles. 

Pepe Osaka's Fishtaco Tequila Bar & Grill, Winter Park, CO

This Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant is known for its delicious fish tacos, along with its nice selection of Mexican beers and tequilas along with premium sakes. Start out with edamame with some Mexican seasonings of chile and lime. But the main attraction is the Latin-Asian fish tacos, Ahi poke ceviche tacos or even the spicy tuna nachos. 

Karma Asian, Denver, CO

This fusion restaurant is the first strictly Asian fusion restaurant on this list. Find dishes from a variety of Asian countries, like Vietnam, Thailand and China, many of which are made with great authenticity. Guests can enjoy classic Thai dishes like curry or Pad Thai or even the Vietnamese soup Pho at Karma Asian. 

Yum Asian Fusion Cuisine & Sushi, Commerce City, CO

Yum Asian Fusion Cuisine & Sushi serves up great Asian cuisine from China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. This Asian fusion restaurant has a wide variety of dishes on the menu. Enjoy sushi as a side to a great bowl of Thai curry. Or choose to indulge in sesame chicken or Pad Thai. Don’t miss out on the Thai tea or Japanese sodas also offered at Yum Asian Fusion Cuisine. 

Bubu, Denver, CO

This unique fusion restaurant has two locations in Denver and specializes in customizable bowls made with delicious ingredients and dressings. The bowls here vary from Asian-inspired bowls made with rice noodles or brown rice. Or choose a Mexican bowl, Hawaiian bowl or even a Cali or Colorado bowl. No matter what unique bowl you choose, fresh and locally-sourced ingredients are always included. 

Rice Monkeys, Durango, CO

Rice Monkeys is an Asian fusion restaurant that serves up unique sushi rolls along with a number of favorite Asian dishes. Enjoy Chinese barbeque pork or even a steaming bowl of pho. The sushi rolls here range from classic to one-of-a-kind fusions, especially the southwestern roll. 

Uncle, Denver, CO

Uncle is a ramen restaurant at its core. However you will also find a rotating menu full of Asian-inspired dishes. Although ramen is a Japanese soup, Uncle adds unique ingredients to the classic ramen dish. Try the Kimchi ramen, which is inspired by the spicy Korean staple kimchi. 

Izakaya Den, Denver, CO

This downtown Denver restaurant, that also serves tapas, does fusion right. Izakaya Den serves up traditional Japanese dishes along with a number of international items, sometimes combined within the same dish. Izakaya offers a Japanese menu full of sushi dishes and ramen soups. However take a glance at the global menu to taste unique items like American-style short ribs or Korean fare like pork and kimchi.   

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