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The 8 Best Milkshakes in Colorado!

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For a cold, creamy, sweet delight, treat yourself to a delicious milkshake crafted up with the very best ingredients. Expect handspun goodness is made with both unique and classic ice cream flavors. When it comes to a good milkshake, these Colorado spots sure know how to please. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, to boozy milkshakes that include flavored liqueurs, to over-the-top shakes with unique ingredients, these shake hotspots offer up the best creamy concoctions. Cure your milkshake craving with these 8 best milkshake spots in Colorado. 

Sassafras American Eatery, Denver and Golden, CO

For one of the best milkshakes in the state, head to Sassafras American Eatery. With two locations in Denver, you have double the chances of pleasing your shake craving. You may come for the shakes, but stay for the Southern food infused with Creole and Cajun flair. There are a couple things that make milkshakes at Sassafras some of the best, such as the fact that they are handmade and come in a variety of unique flavors. From PB&J to chocolate-dipped bacon to Cap’n Crunch-flavored shakes, these shakes are one-of-a-kind and absolutely delicious. 

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream and Gelato, Boulder, CO

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream and Gelato is already a notable ice cream shop in Boulder that boasts a number of classic and unique flavors. Glacier has made over 1,000 flavors since opening in 2001. Milkshakes and malts can both be found on the menu and can be made from any of the ice cream flavors currently offered in the store. Enjoy a classic chocolate shake or choose one of Glacier’s unique flavors like Nutella or coffee to create something even more delicious.

D Bar Denver, Denver, CO

This establishment in Denver does things the classic way. D Bar may only serve three flavors of milkshakes, which are vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry, but they are so delicious that they couldn’t be left off this list. A regular favorite is the “Cake and Shake,” which is a menu item where you get a three-layer piece of cake with a side of milkshake. You won’t want to miss this handspun treat. 

Punch Bowl Social, Denver, CO

This late-night hotspot serves up “adult” milkshakes that are sweet and alcohol-infused. There are three adult milkshake options, all made with vanilla soft-serve ice cream. Try the Malted Maple Royale, made with candied bacon, vanilla ice cream and maple whiskey—it’s sure to please your sweet tooth and start your weekend off right. 

Crave Real Burgers, Multiple locations

Find incredible milkshakes made with unique ingredients at Crave Real Burgers. This burger joint offers up some tasty shake treats that include goodies like brownies, cheesecake or even bacon. For those of drinking age and needing a bit more kick than your regular milkshake, try the Bananas Foster, Grasshopper, or Black Forest, all served with flavored liqueurs.  

Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard, Multiple locations

For a milkshake on the go, hit up Colorado’s favorite homegrown fast food chain, Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard. Handspun shakes are on the menu and are all made with frozen custard, so you’re sure to get a creamy result. Four flavors of milkshake are offered at Good Times, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and a local favorite, Oregon blackberry. 

Milkbox Ice Creamery, Denver, CO

Milkbox Ice Creamery serves up 16 flavors of Little Man ice cream, one of Colorado’s favorite ice cream vendors. Get a shake or malt with whatever flavor you choose, from chocolate and vanilla to more unique options like Snickers or Bhakti Chai. You can even opt in for boozy milkshakes, like the “The 1881,” which is made with butterscotch ice cream and bourbon. 

Josh & John’s Naturally Homemade Ice Cream, Colorado Springs, CO

As one of the most popular ice cream shops in Colorado Springs, it’s no surprise that Josh & John’s also has some incredible milkshakes too. The ice cream is slow churned here, so expect a creamy and decadent result. Milkshakes and malts can be made from any of the ice cream flavors currently offered in the store. 

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