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The 7 Best Places for Dessert in Colorado!

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Everyone has to indulge sometimes! Across the state of Colorado, restaurants are serving up all varieties of delicious desserts. Whether you’re craving made-from-scratch cheesecake, tiramisu, or chocolate mousse, we have you covered. Here are the 7 best places for dessert in Colorado. 

Shamane’s Bake Shoppe, Boulder, CO

Life is too short to not eat dessert! Plus there’s so much to choose from here that it would be a shame to not indulge. Classic and wedding cakes, cupcakes and petits fours, celebration and custom cakes are just a few of the guilty pleasures on the menu. There’s also sweet pies, cookies and brownies and tarts and galettes. Ingredients are fresh, local, of the highest quality and infused with the baker’s love. That’s the secret ingredient.

Nuance Chocolate, Fort Collins, CO

Chocoholics will experience nirvana at this bean-to-bar cafe. Chocolates are made from cacao ethically sourced from around the globe, then roasted in small batches and ground for three days, all in town. The end result is chocolate that has a unique balance of flavors, aromas and textures. Sweet treats include hand-rolled truffles, single-origin chocolate bars, plus milk and flavored chocolate bars. Overindulge with a French-style hot chocolate or a bag of nibs for snacking.

3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar, Colorado Springs, CO

One slice of pie is all it really takes to make a day complete, but what if you could have more than that? You can at this restaurant, a constant, much like it’s mathematical name. All pies, both sweet and savory, are made in the tiny kitchen with as many local and fresh ingredients as seasonally available. Beermisu, a Colorado nod to tiramisu, plus peanut butter, rhuberry and, of course, apple are popular favorites. Pick-up a frequent Pi-er card, it’ll make you pi-eyed.

Piece, Love and Chocolate, Boulder, CO

Tempt your taste buds at this boutique that has everything from bonbons to handmade truffles to cakes, desserts and petite pastries. The handcrafted truffles come in so many flavors, it’s impossible to pick just one. Fortunately they’re also sold by the box. Cakes are chocolate, of course, two layers then frosted with white or chocolate buttercream and layered with chocolate mousse. Special dietary accommodations include vegan and dairy-free truffles and gluten-free pastries.

Winona’s, Steamboat Springs, CO

A homemade cinnamon roll that stops you in your tracks it’s so good. That statement alone is enough to bring you into this homey bakery and cafe. Once there, though, you’ll find the pastry cases overloaded with oh-so-tasty sweets. Running a close second to the cinnamon roll is Winona’s carrot cake followed by a decadent chocolate chip cookie. Sweet cakes, sweet bars, sweet cookies all found in one sweet place.

D Bar, Denver, CO

You might think a dessert that is a work of art would be too lovely too eat. Wrong. It’s even more enticing with the blend of different components, textures and layers of flavor and they’re just full of imagination and amazing taste. Try the B.Y.O. Sundae. It comes beautifully plated with three scoops of ice cream, waffles, brownie bites and all the standard fixings. Tarts, cream puffs, brownies, macarons, a variety of cookies and liquid desserts like floats and shakes means everyone can find something to enjoy.

Hopscotch Bakery, Pueblo, CO

No need to hop, skip or jump to get your favorite treat at this charming shop. It’s as simple as walking in the front door. What you’ll find is not child’s play, it’s a top-notch, high quality bakery chockfull of tempting treats. Locals know to try the orange beast, a croissant dough layered with orange zest and house-made orange liqueur and baked to buttery perfection and the kitchen sink cookies filled with nuts, raisins, chocolate chips and oats. When you see something you like, buy it—yummies sell out.

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