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The 7 Best Shoe Stores in Arizona!

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The excellent shoe shops of Arizona will ensure you always find the right fit. Whether you’re seeking a pair of athletic sneakers or designer high heels for a formal event, you will always find high-quality customer service and a first-rate selection at our 7 favorite shoe stores in Arizona. 

Otherwides Wide Shoes, Tempe, AZ

Have you ever had shoes that didn’t quite fit? You won’t have that problem after a trip to Otherwides Wide Shoes in Tempe. This stellar shoe store pulls out all the stops to make sure that you buy comfortable, fitting shoes. Their staff is happy to measure your feet and find you fitting orthotics. Otherwides specializes in wide (and extra-wide) shoes for both men and women. You’ll find an inventory with top brands for everything from sandals to boots and dress shoes at this locally-run shop.

The Shoe Mill, Tempe, AZ

The Shoe Mill has been a Tempe staple since 1987. Over the last 30 years, they’ve built up a reputation for having fashionable shoes at an affordable price. The Shoe Mill is located on the popular Mill Avenue near Arizona State University. You’ll find everyone from students to retirees checking out their inventory of high-quality footwear. The Shoe Mill focuses on “comfort brands” for all sorts of styles and budgets.

Alan’s Shoes, Tucson, AZ

Many Tucson closets are stocked with shoes from Alan’s Shoes. This longstanding Tucson shoe store has been serving the local community since 1982. They’ve grown from a small upstart to a four-location giant that offers free shipping to residents. Alan’s Shoes has a large selection of sizes, styles, socks, and insoles for customers of all ages. 

Sole Sports Running Zone, Multiple locations

The local running community knows all about Sole Sports Running Zone. It’s the de facto spot for all things running, hiking, and walking in the Phoenix area. Sole Sports encompasses three locations throughout Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale. They carry running apparel and accessories in addition to top running shoes from brands like Adidas, Brooks, Asics, Nike, and New Balance. Forget about callouses. Sole Sports uses a video gate analysis system to analyze your feet and find the right shoe support for each customer. 

Shoes & Such, Flagstaff, AZ

You probably know what to expect from a place called “Shoes & Such.” This Flagstaff store carries a number of top shoe brands in addition to fashion items like purses and jewelry. Shoes & Such has grown into a go-to Flagstaff shoe store since opening in 2003. Today they carry the latest from Birkenstock, Toms, Uggs, Coolway, and more. You can also find a large inventory of clothing at this quaint Flagstaff shop.

Shoe Thrill, Chandler, AZ

Shoe Thrill has the look and feel of a big-name shoe store. In reality, it’s a locally-owned Chandler store that was recently established in 2012. This trendy shoe and clothing store has everything you need to reset your wardrobe. You’ll find stylish jewelry, cross body handbags, sunglasses and headbands in their store. Shoe Thrill also has a number of casual and formal footwear for both men and women. 

The Running Shop, Tucson, AZ

Looking to get back into shape? First you need to gear up. Tucson residents can find the best athletic gear at the Running Shop. This athletic shoe store has a huge selection of running shoes, apparel, and accessories. They cater to everyone from marathon runners to beginners. You’ll find everything from shorts, shirts, hats, and insoles at their storefront. The Running Shop also lets you take all of their shoes for a test run to make sure it’s right for you.

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