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10 Best Spas in Wyoming!

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The reflection and sense of rejuvenation drawn from serene moments spent in nature should be the basis for any high-quality spa. And in the frontier wildernesses of Wyoming, a handful of top-notch spa resorts have made use of their forested backdrops, melding luxury and ruggedness into a happy symbiosis. Here are the 10 best. 

Four Seasons Resort & Residences, Teton Village, WY

As a hub of wild beauty and recreation, the singular Jackson Hole area is a nucleus for recuperative R&R. The nearly 12,000-square-foot behemoth complex sports all the bells and whistles: trained staff, a host of private rooms and massage spaces, aromatic ambiance, teas and healthy snacks, and a menu of ultimately restorative sessions. Bookended by a top-notch salon and facial services, the Four Seasons massage program, running the gamut (Swedish, aromatic, stone, et al), is augmented with “body rituals:” rubs and rejuvenating mixtures applied to the skin to promote detoxification, relaxation and energizing. 

Amangani, Jackson, WY

The rugged pastures and unmatched Teton ski-hills of the Jackson area seem to inspire reflection and calm by default. But Amangani synthesizes this vibe and does so by blending-in with its surroundings, making full use of the serenity of natural beauty. Premier service and dining only gild this lily, which help to support the facility’s overarching wellness program. An extensive spa menu is both detailed and approachable, capturing the true breadth and depth of massage, relaxation and the like. From “movement” to “holistic” to “beauty” and everything in between, the spirit is bound to be as relaxed as the body. 

Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga, WY

This polished ranch is the epitomic glamping destination. It perfectly toes the line between rustic Western authenticity and the luxuries of inclusive five-star resorts. If it strictly focused on the spa experience, it would easily top the list. This 30,000-acre property, consistently voted “Best Resort” throughout America, let alone Wyoming, manages to meld wild and comfortable, rugged and relaxing. The Medicine Bow mountain range outlines the unmatched panorama framed by pristine but Western-nostalgic decor and rejuvenation spawned from great spa amenities and even greater natural beauty. 

Rustic Inn at Jackson Hole, Jackson, WY

One of the state’s finest “boutique” hotels, the Rustic Inn set is embedded amongst the bountiful luxuries (natural and otherwise) of the Jackson area. With the wilds, including the National Elk Refuge, just outside, bright woods and hip-lighting warm the interior spaces, bringing the outdoors in, without any of the rough edges. The menu reads like a high-end restaurant, detailed and stylish: Be it a soothing, aromatic soak, a couple’s massage, or more involved wellness/detox sessions, the spa here lives up to the charming luxuriousness of the architecture and service staff. 

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, Teton Village, WY

Recently named Wyoming’s best hotel by Travel+Leisure, Hotel Terra is an epitomic high-end mountain getaway. With all the assets of the rugged Teton wilderness at its disposal, and a first-class spa facility to counter its rigors, this spot is a welcome amalgam of “in nature” and “in the 21st century.” The hotel’s Chill Spa is just that: a modern but casual space focused on health, detoxification and relaxation, all under the umbrella of being in touch with one’s mind and surroundings. From facials to couple’s experiences to aromatherapy and deep tissue, Terra is an ideal mountain oasis. 

Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson, WY

In the shadows of the Teton Range, Spring Creek is superbly modern-West. A stone’s throw from renowned national parks and all the luxuries of the Jackson area, this “ranch” invokes all the nostalgic nuggets of the age of cowboys: horses and worn leather, aged corrals and barn wood, pastures and boots. The rugged charm outside frames perfectly the relaxation to be found within Spring Creek. Outside, and well above Jackson, the Wilderness Adventure Spa brings a note of seeming isolation to the comfort of unpretentious relaxation, offering a full menu of ways to escape, rejuvenate or simply space-out. 

Snake River Lodge & Spa, Teton Village, WY

Another gem in a ruby-riddled Teton Village, the Snake River Lodge holds its own amidst a sea of luxury resorts. The varying guest rooms and suites offer an experience catered to any guest, customizing decor and dining programs to create a memorable customized getaway. And the property’s River Spa is equally vibrant. After a day of skiing, mountaineering, or simply strolling about town, the full range of spa services will certainly cure all (recreation-related) ailments. Facials and rubs enliven and moisturize, massages and aromatherapy melt-away tightness and worry, and with primo rooms and staff attentiveness, the experience is all the more rejuvenating. 

Rusty Parrot Lodge, Jackson, WY

The Rusty Parrot is a charmingly intimate and welcoming luxury hotel. Outside of its pristine accommodations and approachable staff, the property is home to the Wild Sage Restaurant and Body Sage Spa, a hard to be beat dining-relaxation combo. In fact, once housed within the lodge, the popularity of the talented (and trained) massage therapists necessitated a separate massage facility entirely. Facials, couple’s and singles massages are all top-notch here, with the real draw being customization: at Body Sage, sessions are catered to the individual by authentic and friendly staff, rather than being formulaic and contrived. 

The Lodge at Jackson Hole, Jackson, WY

Just outside the town square, this luxury staple is a wood and stone behemoth nestled into the greenery of the Teton Range. One of the older properties on the list, this complex makes up for any patina with experience service and time-tested amenities. The spa menu here is extensive and covers all the bases, be them skin, body, face or aroma. Being in Jackson Hole, amongst a host of competitive luxury options, The Lodge has the advantage of competitive pricing and a host of options to customize one’s relaxation experience. 

Escape Day Spa & Boutique, Rock Springs, WY

The spa’s motto summates it perfectly: “Get away without going away”. As the name implies, this facility is all about truly getting lost in deep relaxation and wellness. Escape is about completely forgetting the now, and simply melting-away into the massage table. This emphasis on serenity is under the umbrella of a customizable program to promote health. Be it to relieve stress, relax muscle tissues, detoxify or improve beauty, the menu here checks all the boxes. And the full salon is an apt icing to this relaxation cake. 

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