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Best Pizza in Wyoming: Our 8 Favorites!

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The Equality State is more than open, rural spaces. Yes, Wyoming’s stereotypically picturesque plains and snowcaps are deservedly renowned, but did you know, they’re home to some pretty darn good pizza? With Neapolitan-style pizza and other styles all their own, these 8 great pizza restaurants in Wyoming are the perfect places to grab a slice. 

Alibi Wood Fire Pizzaria & Bakery, Laramie, WY

Despite the name, one doesn’t need an excuse to sneak away to this pizza-centric pub. The pies here are respectable—not drowned in topping that slides off the slice or sogged-out with too much sauce. Of particular note, Alibi pairs its solid pizza with the casual openness and conviviality of outdoor patio dining, back-dropped by Wyoming high plains. The simple margarita is highly recommended. 

Pinky G’s, Jackson, WY

The hipper, casual wood and bare-brick walls of Pinky’s has been a local award winner since its opening. The internationally renowned nature surrounding the Jackson Hole area somehow makes the pizza more delicious, purer. It’s as pristine as the nature in which the restaurant is embedded: Clean, clear, distinct and unmatched. The Powder Hound is a cheesy crowd-pleaser, and if it makes a difference, Guy Fieri himself gives this shop a big thumbs up. 

Old Stones Smokehouse & Country Pizza, Pinedale, WY

Pinedale’s population hovers under 3,000, tucked into a rural county of western Wyoming. And it’s this nondescript locale that makes finding decent pizza so surprising. The log exterior reflects its surroundings, rustic and approachable and without frill, encasing a stone fireplace, a literal and figurative heart to the establishment. There’s a long list of tasty lunch and dinner options, but the wood-fired pies, founded on a tasty handmade dough, overshadow the lot. 

Racca’s, Casper, WY

The slogan at this pizza shop is spot on: “Pizza fired by passion.” This authenticity-centered establishment slings some delicious, thin pieces in the style of Naples. In fact, its Colorado branch is the state’s only restaurant officially deemed certified Napoletana. And the simplicity of approach, well executed, results in picture-perfect pies with charred edges, bubbling cheese and fresh ingredients, treated with respect. 

Roxie’s on Grand, Laramie, WY

At Roxie’s, the loyalty to the University of Wyoming’s Cowboys is worn on the sleeve: Brown and gold blanket walls and doorways, and the mustached mascot is pictured throughout. In particular, this restaurant is a great meeting place to grab a beer, watch a football game and enjoy some fantastic pizza from a real-deal brick inferno. Happy Hour is the time to go, Monday through Friday, with drink and food specials galore to melt the day away. 

Scroungy Moose Pizza, Kemmerer, WY

There’s essentially nothing spectacular about Kemmerer to the untrained visitor. Not exactly picturesque, certainly not memorably drab. But it’s unabashed about the fact that this facade is often misleading. The town is the birthplace to JC Penny’s and the site of Dick’s sci-fi novel “Time Out of Joint.” The ‘Moose is similarly surprising: The pizzas are huge, piled with fresh, quality ingredients and begging to be shared with a group of friends. 

L’Osteria Mondello, Cheyenne, WY

This pizza restaurant is akin to the authentic quick-service shops found in southern Italy and along the Amalfi Coast. Colored tiles checker the counters and walls, which display a simple menu of straightforward classics. Embracing the meaning of osteria, rooted in “host,” Mondello is welcoming and down-to-earth. You’re greeted with the aroma of crisping crust and smiling dough-slingers, plucking sizzling pies and dishes of pasta from the stacked ovens. 

Millstone Pizza Company, Cody, WY

A millstone grinds grains into flour, pulverizing seeds of the earth into ingredients for delicious pizza dough. Despite the many establishments that comprise food quality in the name of providing trendy entertainment or a diluted sense of appealing to everyone, Millstone toes this line successfully, employing its jovial sports bar and arcade vibe to improve the pizza experience, not distract from it. The Tough Guy is a solid pie with peppers and sausage, best enjoyed with a cold beer and maybe a few game tokens. 

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