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10 Best Hiking Trails in Wyoming!

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Wyoming's name alone conjures images of vast, open plains, majestic mountains, and wide-open skies. It's no wonder the Cowboy State is one of the most popular places for hikers and adventurers. From sandy sprawls at Killpecker Sand Dunes to national monuments at Yellowstone, here are the 10 best hiking trails in Wyoming.

Killpecker Sand Dunes, Rock Springs, WY

The Killpecker Dunes are the biggest living dune system in the US, continuously reshaped by the wind blowing across them. Taking about 30 minutes to complete the loop, the sand makes a low, spooky sound as it shifts below your feet.

The Forks of Cascade Canyon, Moose, WY

The Forks of Cascade Canyon is a moderately challenging hike with panoramic views and a waterfall. It takes about four hours to complete, making it popular with backpacking, camping, and hiking enthusiasts.

Medicine Bow Peak Trail, Centennial, WY

If you're up for a challenging, yet rewarding trek, Medicine Bow Peak is the trail for you. This hike is about two hours long, with a breathtaking payoff at the top where you can see for miles and miles.

Union Falls Trail, Yellowstone National Park, WY

The Union Falls trail in Yellowstone National Park is an adventure for hikers of all skill levels. While it's a long hike, taking about six and a half hours, the terrain is pretty easy to navigate, and there are minimal elevation changes.

Devils Tower Trail, Devils Tower, WY

Hiking Devil's Tower Trail in Wyoming can be an exhilarating experience. The hike takes less than an hour, but the views along the way are worth every step.

Guernsey Ruts (Deep Rut Hill), Guernsey, WY

Take the time to hike up the Guernsey Ruts — a national monument and hiking trail that takes about ten minutes to complete. Once there, you can see where once wagons passed, leaving deep ruts in solid rock.

Lost Twin Lakes Trail, Bighorn National Forest, Sheridan, WY

The Lost Twin Trail is nestled in a granite cirque, but hiking this beauty comes at a price. To reach the lakes, you'll have to hike seven to twelve hours on average, with long elevation gains on steep terrain and mixed footing.

Headquarters Trail, Summit Rest Area, Laramie, WY

The Headquarters trail offers a peaceful, 1-hour hike through the Sherman Mountains. You’ll trek across open meadows, rugged rock formations, and conifer forests.

Two Moons Trailhead, Glendo, WY

Wander the Two Moons Trailhead at Two Moons Campground, which takes about forty minutes to complete. The trail encircles the campground and provides beautiful views of the reservoir and dam.

Popo Agie Falls Trail, Lander, WY

With spectacular canyon, river, and mountain views, the Popo Agie Nature Trail Loop takes about two hours to complete. Along the Popo Agie River, the trail cascades over rocky outcrops and descends into Sinks Canyon.

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