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The 10 Best Haunted Attractions in Tennessee!

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What are you deepest, darkest fears? Clowns? Giant spiders? Brain-munching zombies? Whatever scares you, Tennessee’s haunted house scene makes all your nightmares come true. When America’s favorite scary holiday approaches, a trip to a haunted house in Tennessee can put you in the spirit and help you celebrate it properly. And although you might lose a good night’s sleep after your visit, you can be sure it will be an experience you won’t soon forget! Get ready to scream at these 10 best haunted houses in Tennessee.

Mysterious Mansion, Gatlinburg, TN

A staple of the Smoky Mountains for decades, this year-round haunted attraction is all the more spookier when Halloween comes knocking. The outside of the house alone is enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies, but inside you’ll find a series of twists, surprises, and challenges you’ll need to overcome if you expect to make it out alive. 

Devil’s Dungeon, Nashville, TN

Intense and controversial, this might be the scariest thing you’ll experience in Tennessee! Twenty-thousand square-feet of darkness, terrors, and challenges await you as you make your way toward freedom. The house is chock full of nightmare fuel, certain to have you looking over your shoulder long after you’ve made your escape.

Miller’s Thrillers, Columbia, TN

Combining the best of haunted woods and zombie paintball, Miller’s Thrillers knows how to send chills down your spine throughout your visit. This is your chance to test your skills in case of a zombie outbreak. Just load up your paintball gun and fire away as real actors try to claim you as one of their own. If you survive, take a walk down one of the old mining trails through the woods, but beware the creatures hiding in the shadows that are waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Dread Hollow, Chattanooga, TN

Terrors are lurking 26 stories below the surface, and once you enter, there’s only one way out. You’ll spend 45 minutes traversing the underground haunted caverns, discovering discarded bodies of the mad reaper of Dreadhaven. Take care to ensure you’re not the next victim!

FrightWorks Haunted House, Powell, TN

Just outside Knoxville lies unspeakable horror. Those who wander in may not make it out to warn others of the terrors awaiting them. This truly terrifying haunted house will have you wishing it’s all for fun and games, but good luck convincing yourself. 

Dead Man’s Farm, Lenoir City, TN

There are many “haunted” attractions in Tennessee, but Dead Man’s Farm is one that boasts real paranormal activity! This 35-minute interactive walkthrough lets you become part of the action (if you choose) so be ready to defend yourself against the horrors within. 

Wicked Ways Haunted House, Memphis, TN

A trip through Wicked Ways will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about reality. This intensely disturbing haunted house is one of the most frightening you’ll ever experience, featuring actors and scenery that are just a little too realistic to think it’s all just make believe. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Frightmare Manor, Talbott, TN

This place lives up to its name—the haunting images are so macabre they’ll invade your every thought. You might not be able to get a good night’s sleep for days! Five thrilling attractions await unsuspecting guests evoking some of your greatest fears and forcing you to face them or  crumble beneath them. The intensity is so real they offer a money-back guarantee.

Bloody Acres Haunted Woods, Gallatin, TN

This isn’t your typical walk in the woods. With over 17 acres of trails, you never know what’s lurking behind the flora here. From brain-eating zombies to trigger-happy hillbillies to evil queens and bloodthirsty creatures, there’s no shortage of terrifying beings out to get you here. 

Dead Land Scream Park, Lebanon, TN

Three haunted attractions unite to create one mind-bending experience that will keep your heart racing until you finally discover how to leave. Uncover an ancient curse on a half-mile walk through the woods, venture through the darkness to come face to face with your innermost fears, and find your way out of the crypt before you become a permanent resident.

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