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The 9 Best Milkshakes in Pennsylvania!

pa milkshake

Milkshakes are one of the most iconic American treats, from the earliest days of soda shops to today’s towering, creative iterations. Gather the kids, or just your sense of childish wonder, and take a grand tour of best Pennsylvanian milkshakes, served up fresh, thick, and delicious! 

Pine View Dairy, Lancaster, PA

In a world consumed by milkshake madness, newfangled flavors and fancy toppings can overshadow truly quality ingredients. At Pine View Dairy, perfectly pure ice cream goes udder to spoon on site, before being crafted into truly magical milkshakes. Your choice of up to four flavors, with optional malt syrup and even a potential banana thrown in. For a nominal fee, substitute chocolate milk for regular and make your childhood dreams a reality. 

Burgatory, Pittsburgh, PA

Burgatory shakes are legendary in Steel City, available both classic and with a kick, in a variety of tempting flavors. All built on the burger joint’s house made vanilla bean ice cream, flavors range from “Coffee and Donuts” (with alcohol), and the virgin salted Nutella crunch and s’mores. With several locations throughout the city, Burgatory is a great option for shake cravings no matter where they may strike.

Flip City Shakes, Southampton, PA

A classic joint with all-American flavor, Flip City Shakes is a throwback to when summer meant freedom, and a trip to the burger place was as good as it got. Choose your own flavors, or pick from the festive options off the menu. Flavors include apple pie, chocolate brownie, and even a “skinny” option made with mango frozen yogurt and almond milk. 

Blue Ribbon Farm Dairy, West Pittston, PA

After 65 family owned and operated years, Blue Ribbon Farm Dairy has the ice cream game mastered. It should come as no surprise, then, that their milkshakes are equally epic. Available regular, extra thick, malted, or specialty, this West Pittston location mixes up some of the best shakes around. 

3B Ice Cream, Harrisburg, PA

With four Harrisburg locations, 3B is King of the Capital when it comes to ice cream. Choose from a huge variety of flavors and enjoy one of the freshest, tastiest milkshake experiences in state. 

The Milk Shake Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

For more than 100 years, the Milk Shake Factory has kept Pittsburgh residents both cool and delighted, serving up frozen concoctions so perfect they’re a must-sip in the ‘Burgh. If you’re looking to treat yourself, choose from the gourmet options, which include chocolate covered bacon and fried ice cream flavor combos. 

Ants Pants Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

An Australian Cafe only open mornings and afternoons, Ants Pants is a great way to cool off or perk up during a long day in the City of Brotherly Love. Pick from banana, caramel, and the incredibly Aussie Honeycomb variety of shakes. 

Donna’s Diner, Sharon, PA

A retro place with high standards, Donna’s Diner is a fantastic option for a milkshake in Pennsylvania. Enjoy an old standard, or a hip new take with “featured” options, which include watermelon and sugar cookie flavors. 

Lancaster Cupcake, Lancaster, PA

Though perhaps not a favorite of milkshake purists, Lancaster Cupcake puts a new spin on shakes with their Cake Shakes. Fresh ice cream and cupcake ingredients blended into a unique, incredible treat too good to share. 

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