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The 8 Best Escape Rooms in Pennsylvania!

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If you're looking for a thrilling and exciting experience you'll never forget, escape rooms can provide exactly that. With teams composed of friends, family, and sometimes strangers, these adventures combine mysteries, puzzles, and riddles which—if completed successfully—enable you to escape the room. And you're in luck, because they're popping up all over the great state of Pennsylvania. Here are our favorites.

Olde City Escape Games, Philadelphia, PA

In Philadelphia, Olde City Escape Games offers the best 60-minute adventures out there. You can try to beat the clock to help the colonies with the revolutionary war, break into a boxing club, or outsmart Orwellian-inspired mind control. Whatever you choose, you're sure to have a great time.

Klues Escape Room, Stroudsburg, PA

At Klues, game participants can choose from "The Curse of the Pharoah," "The Mad Hatter," "The Moonshiner," or "The Mad Scientist" themed escape rooms. Individuals, groups, and corporate teams can all participate. Keep an eye out at Klues, because soon, they'll have escape houses, too!

Escape Room Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Want to host a birthday party, corporate team building activity, or other event at an escape room? Escape Room Pittsburgh is just the place. It features five different adventures for participants—each with a different theme—so you can enjoy not one, but five different adventures.

Can U Xcape, Bloomsburg, PA

At Can U Xcape, you'll be challenged to use your wits over a 60-minute period with friends, family, coworkers, and strangers to work to "escape" the room. With three different rooms in the themes of "Tornado," "Upside Down," and "Submarine," you'll think fast, work together, and, most definitely—you'll have fun.

Captured LV Escape Room, Bethlehem, PA

Captured LV promises each visitor a live, interactive adventure. There are four escape rooms, each with a unique theme requiring a different number of players. Bring a few friends or play with strangers – The Mayan Temple, Alchemy Lab, Pirate's Chamber, and Brain Game are waiting for you.

Escape Room Lancaster, Lancaster, PA

At Escape Room Lancaster, you get to experience being Sherlock Homes or on CSI. There are three customized escape rooms to solve within one hour. Book your team building, private, or public experience online today. Children five and under are free!

Expedition Escape, Montgomeryville and King Of Prussia, PA

Expedition Escape is Montgomery County's favorite thing to do. It's Greater Philadelphia's only escape room offering private reservations. Don't want strangers interfering on your escape room experience? At Expedition Escape, they won't! Between both locations, there are 11 different rooms—so if you're anything, it's not spoiled for choice.

Mind Escape, Philadelphia, PA

Mind Escape room gives visitors two different escape room options which were built after months of research, development, and custom design. If English isn't your first language, you're in luck at Mind Escape, because games are accessible for all players. To succeed, all you need are critical thinking skills, some creativity, and a sense of adventure.

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