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8 Best Doughnut Shops in Pennsylvania!

pa doughnut shop

If you’re craving a doughy, crispy on the outside soft on the inside, sprinkled, glazed, and sugary delight—otherwise known as a doughnut!—nothing else will satisfy! From doughnuts stuffed with cannoli cream to cinnamon-flavored classics, Pennsylvania’s doughnut shops will blow you away. Here are the 8 best in the state. 

Federal Donuts, Philadelphia, PA

If you’re in the mood for fried chicken, a doughnut, or both, Federal Donuts is exactly the right place to be. From mere ordinary flavors, like cookies and cream, to fancy creations, like churro and blueberry pancake, these circles of joy are served up hot and delicious. If you go the chicken route, expect to receive your seasoned-to-order three or six pieces alongside a simple, perfect honey doughnut.

Beiler’s Donuts, Philadelphia, PA

Nobody knows their way around a doughnut like the Amish, and one trip to Beiler’s is proof enough. With two locations in Philly and a third in Lancaster, this bakery has gained quite a bit of notice for their airy, perfect rings of delight. From Elvis’ Delight, which boasts peanut butter and bacon, to more traditional flavors like apple fritter, the doughnuts at Beiler’s are tough to beat. 

Valencia Donut Co., Valencia, PA

Single batch usually refers to luxuries like whiskey, but when applied to doughnuts takes on a sweetly new meaning. Custom made to order, Valencia Donut Co. treats each of their creations like the only one they’ll ever make. Pick a doughnut, filling, icing, and topping, and sit tight while your personal pastry is fried up fresh. 

Rising Creek Bakery & Cafe, Mt. Morris, PA

Delicious, natural products made from scratch are the calling card of this Mt. Morris location, and the doughnuts are no different. While selection may be slightly less exciting than trendier shops, the quality and freshness of this decadent doughnut is almost unrivaled. 

Frangelli’s, Philadelphia, PA

For 70 years, Frangelli’s has set the delicious standard for Philadelphia baking, and their doughnut has become the stuff of legends. Try the Franolli, a doughnut cut down the middle and filled with cannoli cream, or one halved and stuffed with ice cream, for an unforgettably sweet experience. 

Bella Christie & Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique, Pittsburgh, PA

With monthly menu rotations and picture-perfect presentation, Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique is one of the best in state. Stop by their Lawrenceville location on the way to work for bite size beauties in flavors such as Nutella crunch and orange-cranberry glaze, and be the most popular guy in the office. 

Oram’s Donut Shop, Beaver Falls, PA

Since 1938, Oram’s has been perfecting the art of doughnut making. The cinnamon roll is the best-selling doughnut at Oram’s—and trust us, it is heavenly. Also be sure to try their filled doughnuts, made with Oram’s homemade original crème, or their custard doughnut filled with Bavarian crème. 

Scotty’s Donuts, DuBois, PA

Scotty’s serves doughnuts they way they were meant to be: Fresh, cheap, delicious, and with a smile. No matter the flavor you choose, this DuBois location will have you feeling full and like family in no time at all. 

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