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10 Best Speakeasies in Oregon!

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Whether you’re in the heart of Portland or you’re more of a fan of the Pacific Northwest wilderness, we all love a great place to grab a drink. Mix up your routine and check out any of these unique speakeasy bars across Oregon.

Bible Club, Portland, OR

The Bible Club is a treasured Portland speakeasy that will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into the past. This uniquely religion-themed speakeasy is designed after the legendary Prohibition speakeasies of a century ago, and the Revival Patio located behind it is a treat too.

Southside Speakeasy, Salem, OR

The Southside Speakeasy is a tremendous place for a party, but it has one delightful historical inaccuracy: an abundance of drag shows and other fabulous forms of entertainment. Check it out the next time you’re in the mood for a drink and a show.

Broom Closet Bar, Bend, OR

Within the Old St. Francis School at McMenamins, the Broom Closet Bar is a treasure to behold. When you spot a door labeled “Broom Closet,” you’ll open it up and see brooms at first, but if you look beyond, you’ll find back panels that open the door to an exciting speakeasy every visitor needs to see.

Gil’s Speakeasy, Portland, OR

Gil’s Speakeasy embraces the essential element of a speakeasy: the ability to let loose and feel free. Head to this cozy Portland bar on SE Taylor Street to find your new favorite hideaway.

Bit by a Fox Mobile Speakeasy, Carlton, OR

Most speakeasies are designed to be difficult to find because they’re behind hidden passageways or secret doors. Bit by a Fox, on the other hand, is hidden in plain sight because it’s never in the same place. Keep up with this Carlton favorite on social media to see where it will be popping up next.

The SpeakEasy Taproom, Grants Pass, OR

No matter what your favorite drink is, you can expect to find it at The SpeakEasy Taproom. With 36 taps including 10 cider taps, as well as a full bar and a wide variety of wine, The SpeakEasy Taproom is a popular spot in Grants Pass.

Voysey, Portland, OR

You won’t stumble upon Voysey by accident, but when you spot it, you’ll be glad you did. Located at the end of a mysterious unmarked staircase with a red light, Voysey is an intimate cocktail bar that makes for an exciting and luxurious night on the town.

86 Speakeasy, Eugene, OR

The Gordon Hotel is a classy hotel in Eugene, but it also happens to be the home of the exclusive 86 Speakeasy. With an entrance disguised as a janitor’s closet, this upscale speakeasy requires a password you can only get if you have a reservation.

The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin, Bend, OR

Speakeasies are meant to be windows to the past, and in Oregon, the past involves rustic wood cabins. That’s why the Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is a unique twist on a typical speakeasy, with a historical feel but the modern allure of amazing cocktails.

De Fuego Underground, Clackamas, OR

On the surface, de Fuego is an exquisite Mexican restaurant. Down below, though, it houses another treasure called The Underground. Head to this Clackamas speakeasy for epic drinks and an even more epic good time.

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