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15 Best Hiking Trails in Ohio!

oh hiking trail

Ohio is home to over 70 beautiful state parks, all of which offer various paths, rivers, gorges, and hiking trails to explore and enjoy. Some of these trails can be traversed in a few hours and others take a week-long trip just to hike every last mile of trail, but they're all surrounded by beautiful nature. Get ready to explore these 15 magnificent Ohio hiking trails. 

Old Man's Cave Trail, Hocking Hills, OH

Old Man's Cave Trail is located in the 2,356-acre Hocking Hills State Park, which is entirely within the Zaleski National Forest. The trail winds a path through the massive Old Man's Cave which hosts weddings, campers, and honeymooners throughout the year. From there, you'll walk along the edge of a cliff, past streams, and through forests.

Creekside Meadows Trail, Rockbridge, OH

The Creekside Meadows Trail is an easy-level trail located in the heart of Clear Creek Metro Park. The trail is pet-friendly along verdant green grass pastures through banks of the clear creek.

Zaleski Backpack Trail, Zaleski, OH

The Zaleski Backpack Trail is a 25-mile, interconnected trail in the massive Zaleski National Forest. The 25-mile main trail, is made up of a 10.5-mile south loop, 10 mile middle loop, and a seven mile north loop. It takes roughly 4-6 hours for each loop or three hours for the whole trail.

John Bryan State Park Trails, Yellow Springs, OH

John Bryan State Park is a 752-acre forest park with over 10.5 miles of scenic trails. The trail winds past a Limestone gorge cut by Little Miami River, a national scenic river. They provide public camping areas, river canoeing, and disc golf.

Cedar Falls Trail, Hocking Hills, OH

The Cedar Falls Trail is another great hiking trail in the Hocking Hills State Park of Ohio. It winds past the beautiful natural Cedar Falls and through several caves and forested regions. You can rent cabins that are honeymoon-friendly, family-friendly, or personal if you want to stay throughout the week to see everything Hocking Hills has to offer.

Stanford Trail, Brecksville, OH

The historic Stanford House and trail leads to the Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. You can take a trip past the scenic railroad or explore the Canal. Check out the Everett covered bridge on your hike.

Lake Hope State Park, Athens, OH

Lake Hope State Park in Athens, Ohio, is a 2,983-acre park entirely within the 26,824 acre Zaleski state forest in Big Sandy Run Valley. You can hike through gorges, past ridges, and in lush, heavily-forested areas. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, interconnected trails around the lake, swimming, and fishing.

Serpent Mound, Hillsboro, OH

The Serpent Mound Hiking Trail in the Arc of Appalachia is located along the Ohio River and Scioto River bordering Kentucky. Walk the trails along the Appalachian foothills or rent a cabin and spend a week exploring the Arc of Appalachia.

Scioto Trail State Park, Chillicothe, OH

The Scioto Trail is located near the Arc of Appalachia in Chillicothe, Ohio. It's made up of over five miles of interconnected trails, and features a wading pool, hunting, and picnicking.

Cantwell Cliffs, Hocking Hills, OH

The Cantwell cliffs are also located in the 2,356-acre Hocking Hills State Park. They offer cabins for any kind of retreat, and feature zip-lining, lakes, trails, and massive cliff faces.

Chestnut Trail, Rockbridge, OH

The Chestnut Trail is a 2.2-mile difficult-level trail located in Clear Creek Metro Park. It consists of mainly dirt and gravel pathways and winds through valleys with sandstone formations and forested regions.

Fort Hill, Hillsboro, OH

Fort Hill is located in the Arc of Appalachia along the Ohio River and Scioto River bordering Kentucky. Take a hike past the rivers and foothills and enjoy the clean, family-friendly lodging offered for campers.

Quail Hollow State Park, Hartville, OH

The Quail Hollow State Park in Hartville features 8.5 miles of trails made up of eight interpretive unique individual nature trails. Enjoy horseback riding, a seven-mile looped mountain bike trail, and a nature-for-all trail for physically-challenged visitors.

Cemetery Ridge, Rockbridge, OH

Cemetery Ridge Trail is a 2.5-mile moderate to difficult hiking trail located in Clear Creek Metro Park. The trail is made up of mostly dirt and gravel terrain. The trail begins with a steep zigzag through the woods at 700 feet up. At the top of the ridge, you'll find that it alternates between forest and meadow. The highlights of the trail are the abandoned homesteads along the path and the cemetery.

Ash Cave Trail, Hocking Hills, OH

The Ash Cave Trail, located in Hocking Hills State Park winds through the legendary Ash Cave, a narrow gorge lined with hemlocks, massive beech trees and small streams. The gorge is approximately quarter-mile in length and houses a massive overhanging ledge and cliff shelter. Ash Cave can be reserved for weddings, vow renewals, private parties, or birthdays.

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