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The 8 Best Fusion Restaurants in Ohio!

oh fusion restaurants

Are you looking to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your stomach with a unique fusion cuisine? Well, look no further, because Ohio has had a craving for fusion restaurants for years, and they know how to satisfy it! Check out the 8 best fusion restaurants in Ohio!

Fusion 40.83, Urbana, OH

Fusion 40.83 is a unique fusion restaurant with a variety of fusion cuisine options on the menu with a simple, yet elegant presentation. With a warm, cozy atmosphere, open kitchen, humble hospitality, and a friendly staff, it's a dining experience you're sure to remember.

FUSIAN, Dayton, OH

FUSIAN is the hottest new sensation to hit Dayton, Ohio. If you're a sushi lover, but feel limited by your options in the store, then FUSIAN is for you! The chefs custom make your very own sushi roll right in front of you, adding any topping you could possibly want. 

Fusion Wok Sushi, Cincinnati, OH

Fusion Wok Sushi offers up a huge variety of sushi combinations including sashimi which contains raw fish, or regular sushi that contains no fish or meat at all. They have expert sushi chefs on staff that will make some of the best sushi you've ever tasted. 

Sky Asian Cuisine, Kettering, OH

Sky Asian Cuisine has been dedicated to the most memorable dining experience they can possibly give you since the very beginning. They use only the freshest and natural ingredients in their dishes, to provide the most healthy and delicious food available.

Fusion Japanese Steakhouse, Grove City, OH

Fusion Japanese Steakhouse is the place to go if you're looking for dinner and a show. With highly skilled Hibachi chefs, a relaxing atmosphere for your evening out, great sushi, and fine wine, Fusion Japanese Steakhouse is great for a romantic date or a family outing. 

Asia Fusion, Columbus, OH

Asia Fusion in Columbus offers a delicious blend of Chinese and Japanese cuisine in a convenient location at affordable prices. Asia Fusion is known in Columbus for its varieties of tastes and fresh ingredients, so you can experience healthy food with great flavor!

CJ Chan, Dayton, OH

CJ Chan is a neighborhood fusion restaurant dedicated to making new friends, creating, experimenting, living, and learning. They offer a wide array of fine Japanese sushi and Chinese cuisine for a personalized experience with your choice of meats and garden-fresh vegetables. 

Louie's Grill Fusion Restaurant, Hilliard, OH

Louie's Grill Fusion Restaurant is a made-from-scratch fusion food restaurant that blends the cultures of Mexico, America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and even a little bit of Italian. With fresh ingredients prepared by expert chefs, it's some of the best food available!

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