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6 Best BBQ Joints in Nevada!

nv bbq joint

Nothing compares to that sweet, smoky scent of barbecue! It is the perfect game day dish or great for guests in the backyard. It also has become the staple of most family picnics. Whether you prefer a dry rub on something slow smoked or the dripping sauce slathered meat of choice, your favorite barbecue joint often becomes a well kept secret. The next time you’re craving something smoky and savory, try one of our top 6 picks for barbecue joints in Nevada.

Fox Smokehouse BBQ, Boulder City, NV

This small spot has some of the best barbecue around. The staff and owners make up a competitive barbecue team so you know these guys know their meats! They sell their meats by the pound and there isn't a bad choice on the menu. The brisket is our personal favorite, but don't forget to grab some homemade jerky too!

Rick's Rollin Smoke BBQ, Las Vegas, NV

Ever wonder what the stars of your favorite TV show do on their days off? Come on into Rick's and see just what Rick from “Pawn Stars” is cooking up. Their ribs are legendary and it's fun to listen to his stories when he's behind the bar.

BJ's BBQ, Sparks, NV

This joint knows their meats! They have the standard barbecue by the pound and some unexpected bonus selections. The barbecue meatloaf in amazing. The pulled pork is about as tender and juicy and you will find anywhere.

Bell's BBQ, Henderson, NV

Their pork belly barbecue is by far their best meat. The sides are unique and full of flavor as well. Dining here means lots of napkins and even more flavor. The perfect meal is a healthy portion of the pork belly and some of their four-cheese wrapped corn.

Susie's BBQ, Fallon, NV

A small-town favorite, this joint is known for huge helpings and a flavor that makes the customers loyal. You can catch them at their cafe location or in the traveling food truck.

Brothers BBQ, Reno, NV

While they offer the standard barbecue by the pound, their creative sandwiches are the must try item. The Texas Tornado is the best with the Pig-o-licous a close second. Their creative spin on everything barbecue is worth exploring.

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