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10 Best Thai Restaurants in North Dakota!

nd thai restaurants

North Dakota is home to many excellent Thai restaurants, and you really can’t go wrong. But a few stand out from the pack. From the Thai roll at Thai Hot Sushi and Thai to the pad cashew at Leela Thai Cuisine, we’re dishing out the 10 best Thai restaurants in North Dakota.

ThaiKota, Fargo, ND

ThaiKota is the best place if you’re craving regional varieties. All of their dishes come from Northern Thailand. No matter what you order, every meal that ThaiKora serves is vibrant and delicious.

EAT Thai Cafe, Bismarck, ND

EAT Thai Cafe is best if you want a dine-in experience. The staff is extremely friendly, and the cozy ambiance makes you feel right at home, whether you’re dining alone or with friends.

Sirirath Thai House, West Fargo, ND

If you visit Sirirath Thai House, come in with an appetite. Their appetizer menu is massive, including vegan and vegetarian appetizers, plus they have a bar, desserts, and lots of fan-favorite meals. They also have a drive-through window if you order your food to-go.

Thai Hot Sushi and Thai, Minot, ND

If you’re craving a Thai food and sushi combo, this place has you covered. The Thai roll and eel roll are the most popular sushi rolls, but really you can’t go wrong. If you’re craving classic Thai dishes, try the salmon salad.

Thai Hot 3, Grand Forks, ND

For hungry or money-conscious patrons, you’ll appreciate the super-sized portions here. Be prepared to take some of your meal to go. For Thai dishes, regulars love the red curry with chicken, pineapple fried rice, and drunken noodles – or try the firecracker roll if you’re craving sushi.

Star Thai Cuisine, Williston, ND

Star Thai Cuisine is the best place for vegetarian and vegan options. They offer various options with vegetables and mushrooms, making it easy to eat healthy. If you want spicy food, you can order up to level 10 spicy!

Upin Spicy No Spicy Thai Food, Dickinson, ND

Upin Thai Food is a small family-owned restaurant with a kind and accommodating staff. They can make any menu adjustments for your preferences, including alterations for dietary restrictions.

Wiang Thai Restaurant, Bismarck, ND

For homemade Thai food, Wiang Thai Restaurant is the place to go. They cook all of their meals to order and only use fresh ingredients. They also use authentic Thai ingredients, so their meals taste fresh out of Thailand.

Leela Thai Cuisine, Fargo, ND

Leela Thai Cuisine is a popular place for delivery or takeout. No matter what you order, everything from Leela Thai Cuisine is consistently great. Their chicken satay, pad cashew, and bags of gold are the most popular dishes.

Try Thai Food Minot, Minot, ND

Try Thai Food Minot is ideal if you want more than Thai food. They have some of the best dumplings in Minot, and locals also love their sushi. Their spicy tuna sushi roll and pork in chili garlic sauce are other best-selling dishes.

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