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9 Coolest Coffee Shops in Louisiana!

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For coffee lovers, there is nothing like a fresh cup of java to warm up. Whether it is the first cup of the day or that extra perk to get you through your afternoon, coffee has become an all-out experience in the United States. That’s why coffee shops are so much more than just a place to get a caffeinated beverage. They have become social centers, work places, eateries, and delicatessens. Louisiana has an abundance of coffee shops for you to escape to this comfort. Here are our 9 favorites.

Highland Coffees, Baton Rouge, LA

Located just outside the Northgate of Louisiana State University campus, this casual coffee shop is a perfect place for all kinds of coffee shop patrons. It has a good sized inside as well as a vast courtyard. The space allows for groups to meet and chat, while not disturbing those looking to quietly read a book or study on their laptops. Roasting distinctive coffees in-store, the coffee is sure to be top-notch. They also offer fine loose teas, specialty drinks, and delicious pastries. Their teas include black teas, oolongs, green teas, white teas, and herbal teas from the world’s historic tea producing countries. Those include China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, and Taiwan. The courtyard sometimes hosts local music and club meetings as well. It is a hot spot of community right outside a major state campus.

Reve Coffee Roasters, Lafayette, LA

These master micro-roasters have their own shop and café in Lafayette where they serve their own homemade brews. The café also has their own bakery with goods made from scratch and a small kitchen that supports breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Inspired by their Cajun background, these roasters dream of bringing the flavor of their heritage into every blend while steeping it with modern techniques. It is the ultimate blend of the new and the old. As one of the growing suppliers of specialty coffees in the Acadian region, Reve Coffee Roasters has quite the reputation with coffee lovers in that area. As “reve” means dream in French, the company strives to accomplish their dream of bringing family and friends together over the best cup of coffee from their neck of the woods.

Rhino Coffee, Shreveport, LA

Starting in 2012, Rhino Coffee strived to not only brew the best coffee in north Louisiana but also become the premiere roasters of the region. They now roast over 20 different types of coffee from around the world, roasting over 250 pounds each week! At their two café locations in Shreveport the business is booming with specialty coffee drinkers, hungry patrons, and anyone who wishes to share in the community that Rhino Coffee creates. In fact, owner Andrew Crawford opened the Shreveport coffee shop for just that: To bring people in the community together in an independent coffee shop based right in his hometown. The original coffee house is an actual house, truly giving their customers a sense of home and most of their food is made in house. Rhino Coffee is a true locally owned, operated, and dedicated coffee house.

Stellar Beans, Lake Charles, LA

Working closely with their New Orleans roasters, Orleans Coffee Exchange, this locally owned shop serves up great brews along with an array of food items ready for purchase. They have 25 different tea selections as well and a gourmet sandwich menu that is unbelievable, including a jalapeno chicken salad sandwich. Their motto being “our house is your house” Stellar Beans has become a pinnacle of community in their hometown of Lake Charles. They host live music most Friday and Saturday evenings as well as feature a different local artist’s work every month to hang around the shop. Many Thursdays are reserved for poetry readings or their vinyl night, and group meetings are welcomed any night of the week. This establishment truly embraces the culture and community of the area.

Sacred Grinds Coffee Shop, New Orleans, LA

Located in Mid-City, this coffee shop has a unique location. It is situated at the end of the Canal Street car line and is surrounded by seven old cemeteries. The courtyard in the back makes guests feel like they’re sipping coffee amongst the permanent residents in the area as it is literally amongst the tombstones. Only a small chain link fence separates patrons from the endless view of these iconic New Orleans burial sites that are situated above ground due to the crescent city being below sea level. This has allowed the coffee shop to have a creepy theme that includes zombie hand chairs to sit on, a Dirty Zombie frozen chocolate malt drink, and an Undead Pumpkin Head latte. However, Sacred Grinds also offers your regular home brewed coffee along with a variety of quiches, croissants, and other baked goods to snack on. Teas, smoothies, and juices are also available for purchase. Not feeling the creepy vibe? Guests are also welcome to enjoy the peaceful view of Canal Street where one can watch the street car stroll on by.

Neutral Ground Coffee House, New Orleans, LA

This not-for-profit organization is fully staffed by wonderful volunteers and local musicians who serve up their best stuff seven nights a week. That’s right, they have live music every night of the week from about 7 p.m. until midnight all played by a variety of local musicians looking only for tips and some open ears. It is situated uptown and has become a beacon of creativity for many patrons of the New Orleans area. They serve mostly coffee and some pastries, though they serve up even more culture and community. Participation is welcome during their weekly open mic nights that happen every Sunday at 7 p.m. sharp! Wednesday nights open the floor for the poets from 8-9 p.m. The shop also hosts a small library, a selection of board games, and best of all interesting conversations from the New Orleans regulars. Many patrons will tell you that some of the regulars even bring their own dishes to the shop for patrons to try! People from around the globe come to New Orleans every year and Neutral Ground Coffee is one of the prime, unique spots they visit.

Corner Coffee + Provisions, West Monroe, LA

Corner Coffee + Provisions serves up some of the best drip coffee and espresso drinks around, including flavored latte’s and a breakfast menu with hot menu items. Next door to the coffee house is there Soups, Salads, and Sweets café which has a 12-foot salad bar with over 20 different toppings and a choice of three soups made daily. Their sweets are baked in-house and they also offer specialty cakes upon order. This one-of-a-kind coffee house embraces the feeling of home and places it directly into this family-owned business.

Abita Roasting Company, Covington, LA

This company has been roasting, sourcing, and brewing top quality coffee ever since 2006. Known as an excellent regional micro-roasting company, their café in Covington is highly known for their incredible brews and diverse menu. From specialty breakfast items like crepes and egg benedicts to lunch items such as mango-panko fish tacos and big mouth burgers, this menu goes above and beyond that of a normal café. The buttermilk beignets are a local favorite along with the gulf shrimp omelet and New Orleans style po’boys. On top of their stellar menu, all your favorite drip coffee and espresso drinks are available for purchase with retail coffee bags available as well. Their Black and Tan coffee blends the worlds finest dark and medium roast coffee all in one bag, and their Round-A-Bout coffee comes from four different parts of the world. All in all, Abita Roasting Company is the place to be for fresh micro-roast coffee drinks and an amazing menu of specialty food items for anytime in the day.

Java Square Café, Opelousas, LA

This delightful café is in the historic Parish Trust and Savings Bank in downtown Opelousas. The building is originally from 1927 with the old vault being kept in tact and converted into a unique seating area for guests to enjoy. Some families even have fun taking pictures pretending they’re in jail! Being in this historic town, the atmosphere at this café is everything though their menu items can stand all on their own. They serve a daily hot sandwich everyday, and their panini press makes for a great hot lunch. Their espresso drinks are top quality and have iced versions of each as well as flavoring options. Baked goods include brownies, muffins, and bagels. Just like its hometown, Java Square Café is known for its charm, friendliness, and unique atmosphere.

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