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The 9 Best Guided Tours in Kansas!

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Guided tours or self-guided tours of the most interesting places in Kansas give the opportunity to learn about the rich history of this great state. Discover the beginnings of the state, the story of its people, and what contributions Kansas has made to our nation. These 9 best guided tours will educate, entertain and amaze. 

Abilene Walking Tours, Abilene, KS

One of Kansas’ best guided tours is the Abilene Tour Route in Abilene. It is the best way to take an intimate look at what was once known as the “original Kansas Cowtown.” An exciting city filled with many places to visit and learn from, and especially the life of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s home-town. 

Western Vistas Historic Byway Tour, Scott City, KS

The Western Vistas Historic Byway Tour in Scott City is both traditionally and pictorially captivating. See the weathered Kansas landscape, learn about the wild west lore, the land once inhabited by a vast ocean, native Indians and iconic cowboys. 

Kansas State Capitol Historic Tours, Topeka, KS

The Kansas State Capitol Historic Tour allows you to walk through all five floors of the amazing Kansas capitol building. You will see and learn about the capitol’s murals, the rotunda’s unique stenciling, visit the governor’s office, walk through the senate and house chambers along with the east and west wing galleries.

Historical Signs Walking Tour, Caldwell, KS

Don’t miss the 19 historical markers that highlight the rich filled history of Caldwell. These 19 historical markers in downtown Caldwell provides a comprehensive view of the American past.

Fort Leavenworth Historic Wayside Self-Guided Tour, Leavenworth, KS

Learn about the historical city of Leavenworth when you take the Historic Wayside Self-Guided Tour of the City of Leavenworth. Learn about the people, the places and the events that formed this great midwestern city years ago. 

Birdhouse Art Tour, Great Bend, KS

Over 50 skillfully painted bird houses await you on the Great Bend Birdhouse tour. A unique and distinctly different tour of tall artist painted birdhouses makes Great Bend a sure destination this year.

Historical Downtown Walking Tours, Hays, KS

Enjoy the picturesque and historically preserved buildings in downtown Hays which are complemented by original bricked streets in downtown. The tours offer information about the rich history and understanding of this lovely locale and the past stories that created this magnificent city. 

The Historic Homes & Caton Homes Tour, Winfield, KS

The Historic Home and Caton Homes Tour of Winfield is like no other. This tour will walk you by more than 50 Victorian and historic older homes and over 20 of those homes were built by Bill Caton, the son of a well-known Winfield family. 

Ghost Tours, Kansas City, KS

A paying ghost tour of Kansas City, will wind you through the streets of Kansas City on the Kansas side. Despite the constant threat of spotting a ghost you will also learn about the history of this unique downtown area. 

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