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10 Best Burgers in Indiana!

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Indiana is about as midwestern as the Midwest gets, and what does the Midwest know better than nearly anything else? Beef. Check out these ten amazing spots in Indiana for the best burgers you can find.

317 Burger, Indianapolis, IN

317 Burger has a broad menu with a wide assortment of pub favorites, but without a doubt, it’s renowned for its burgers. This burger joint’s selection of unique and traditional burgers is accentuated by a well-curated beer list that will satisfy even the choosiest of beer snobs.

Powers Hamburgers, Fort Wayne, IN

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate classic burger joint, you’ll find it at Powers Hamburgers. As humble as this burger hut may look, it’s won national awards for its simply spectacular burgers.

Hoosier Burger Co, Evansville, IN

No fuss, no muss, just great burgers: that’s what you’ll get at Hoosier Burger Co in Evansville. What looks like a tiny burger hut has a relaxed patio and, best of all, classically delicious burgers at a low price.

Bub’s Burgers, Bloomington, IN

For nearly 20 years, Bub’s Burgers has been serving up those amazing hometown burgers just like Dad used to grill. They now have three locations in central Indiana, but no matter which one you visit, you have to try their famed Big Ugly burger.

The View Tavern, South Bend, IN

The View Tavern is a true South Bend institution. It’s been part of the town since 1954, and after nearly 70 years, it’s still wowing residents and visitors alike with mouthwatering burgers, not to mention a lineup of craft beers so you can create the perfect pairing.

East End Grill, Lafayette, IN

Lafayette is a close-knit small town, so word gets around easily, and you’re bound to hear some chatter about East End Grill. With a cozy and stunning atmosphere, East End Grill is the only place you’ll find the famed East End Burger.

M. Moggers Restaurant & Pub, Terre Haute, IN

Unless you’re a local, you may not realize that Terre Haute has a rich history as a brewing town. M. Moggers celebrates that tradition with its massive selection of over 100 beers, and just as impressively, its incredible burgers.

Twin Archer Brewpub, Muncie, IN

You can find any chain restaurant your heart desires in Muncie, but if your heart is desiring something a touch more special and unique, Twin Archer Brewpub is the place to go. With several burgers to choose from, each more delectable than the last, Twin Archer Brewpub is the ultimate burger joint in the area.

4th Street Bar and Grill, Columbus, IN

4th Street Bar and Grill has been on the scene in Columbus for over 40 years, opening its doors in 1981. Since then, it’s been serving up epic burgers that are known all throughout town and beyond. This hotspot is 21+, though, so make sure you’re heading there on an adults-only excursion.

Myers Drive-In, Marion, IN

Who says the perfect burger needs to come from a luxury restaurant? Sometimes it’s the humblest local spots that have the best burgers, and that’s certainly the case with Myers Drive-In. No frills, just great burgers: exactly the way the locals love it.

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