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The 8 Best Seafood Restaurants in Idaho!

id seafood restaurant

Idaho may not be a seaside state, but it’s home to some of the best seafood and fish you’ll find in the U.S. Idaho is close to Oregon, California, and Washington, and therefore has access to some of the best seafood fare around. The seafood restaurant scene in Idaho is one the rise, with restaurants popping up across the state offering up the freshest in ocean fare. Here are our 8 favorites.

Fresh Off the Hook Seafood, Boise, ID

Located in Boise, this gem of a place will leave you thinking you’re right by the ocean. Fresh Off the Hook blends the seafood tastes of Seattle, San Francisco and Key West all into this quaint place with a very unique atmosphere. Here you can taste Alaskan cod or halibut, or shrimp like never before.

Sandpiper, Idaho Falls, ID

Sandpiper is a seafood chain, which prides itself on its fresh flown in seafood from all over the country. The prices are on the higher end, as this is a higher end establishment, but for the price, you can’t beat the seafood and sushi. Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, this is a real treat and one that many people take the drive to go to.

Lucky Fins Seafood Grill, Boise, ID

Lucky Fins is a community favorite. It has the freshest and most original recipes, which use all local ingredients and fish! The daily specials are all original and change each day. Lucky Fins was awarded excellence in service by TripAdvisor last year and continues to deliver. Lucky Fins prides themselves on great-tasting seafood served up from a scratch kitchen. 

Steamers, McCall, ID

Located in the mountains of Idaho, McCall is near the Salmon River. This place is a very high end, seafood and steak house in the middle of the state. Steamers offers crab and shrimp, stuffed halibut, all the way to local Idaho trout for dinner, fresh caught that day. And although most meals are no less than $20, you won’t be sorry you splurged.

Sushi on Second, Ketchum, ID

Sushi on Second is located on 2nd Street in Ketchum, Idaho. It is strictly a sushi joint, and oh wow is it good! If you like traditional sushi and all the roe you can eat, do not miss out on this place. Fully trained expert sushi chefs have perfected their craft.

Anthony’s, Coeur d’Alene, ID

Anthony’s is right next door to Washington and some great seafood. Fresh daily seafood is flown in and is ready for your eating pleasure. When heading to the panhandle of Idaho, and in the mood for some nearly local seafood, stop in and ask Anthony to cook you up some halibut. Prices are mid-range. Stop in and sit down next to the water, as this is waterfront property and an atmosphere you won’t forget.

Fisherman’s Market and Grill, Coeur d’Alene, ID

Fisherman’s Market and Grill is the only place in the panhandle to shop for seafood and local catches of the day, and have a meal cooked for you at the grill. The prices are fair, roughly about $9 a meal. If you’re in the mood to shop for seafood from different regions of the country, this is the place to do it, and if you choose to eat out, stop in at the grill side and have them cook you up some scampi or grilled swordfish. You will not want to leave!

Dockside, Coeur d’Alene, ID

Here you will only get the best seafood and local fresh catch of the day menu items. The prices reflect the location and atmosphere, as well as the quality of the food. They offer steak and local trout caught in the lake you’re going to be sitting in front of! They request reservations ahead of time, and on their site, they request casual attire. So call ahead and reserve your lake front view today, and have a nice date night with your significant other.

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