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8 Best Breweries in Idaho!

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Craft beer is a passion of countless Idahoans, each generation appreciating the art more than the last. According to Boise Weekly, in 1960 not a single brewery could be found in Idaho thanks to the lasting effects of Prohibition, which is incredible to think about compared to the numerous establishments we see all over the Gem State today. After brewmastery made a comeback in the 80s, it’s now a cultural staple, one that brings people together to indulge in some of the nation’s most pallet-pleasing brews. We’ve taken on the challenge of mapping out. The top 8 breweries in Idaho, each one rooted heavily into the state’s incredible and historic craft-beer industry. 

Kootenai River Brewing Company, Bonners Ferry, ID

Having won awards at the Great American Beer Festival, this brew company hosts some of the best beer in North Idaho. Everyone needs a true taste of Idahome with the Huckleberry Wheat beer, a sweet yet surprising taste. 

MickDuff’s Brewing Company, Sandpoint, ID

MickDuff’s has been a love of Sandpoint for about 10 years. This modest micro-brewery rests right on the main street of downtown, holding its spot amongst the small town’s best shopping and tourist experience. Their pub food is rich and fresh, making it a fine accompaniment to their beer menu. A nutty amber ale, the Irish Red is always consistently good and one of the favorites.  

Daft Badger Brewing Company, Coeur d’Alene, ID

Their location in gorgeous Coeur d’Alene is one of the perks of venturing to Daft Badger. There are many repeat customers at this brewpub, and it’s because the atmosphere is friendly and charming. There is a wonderful variety of different tastes and notes in their drinks to please any craft beer junkie, but their Josiah’s Revenge is an imperial stout to be raved about.   

Selkirk Abbey, Post Falls, ID

For you Belgian beer lovers, we’ve located the perfect spot for you. Selkirk Abbey has a variety of Belgian style ales, yet there’s one in particular that really stood out: Guilt. Brewed with local Doma coffee, this beer completes the theme nicely, proving why this brewery is award winning and so very popular, drawing people for miles. 

Hunga Dunga Brewing Company, Moscow, ID

Serving both incredible food and great tasting beer, this brewery contains a lot to rave about. A fun and hip spot, they’ve certainly beat out the local competition according to their customers. The oatmeal brews are interesting and delicious, so head on down and order a pint. 

Cloud 9 Brewery, Boise, ID

Boise’s first nano pub, Cloud 9 is unique in its variety. Their batches are always changing, creating a unique experience every time you walk back through their doors. All the ingredients they use, both in their food and beer making, are certified organic, which is a big plus! We’ve heard the salted caramel stout is one of the greatest here, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself!

Powderhaus Brewing Company, Garden City, ID

Powderhaus is based off what we all love about Idaho: An unyielding ruggedness under a crisp layer of beauty and finesse. Their outdoor inspiration is mirrored in the craft beers they so carefully cultivate, creating the perfect match for any adventurer seeking liberation in the form of a cold brew. It takes a certain person to appreciate a good IPA, yet even if you’re hesitant, try their First Turns IPA. It WILL surprise you.  

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse, Boise, ID

The atmosphere here is tons of fun, making the beer even better. They have some pretty fine food options with healthy portions, such as their massive order of homemade fries! Try the Spoon Tongue. It’s a smooth blonde ale that goes down easy!

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