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The 10 Best Tattoo Parlors in Connecticut!

ct tattoo parlor

Ready to get some permanent ink? Known for their cleanliness and professional, experienced artists, these tattoo parlors are the best places to visit for a work of art that you’ll be proud to show off. Here are the 10 best in the state! 

12 Tattoos and Body Piercings, Groton, CT

Steven Tefft, the owner and one of the tattoo artists here, is known across Connecticut for his appearance on the second season of “Ink Master,” which he won. Nine other artists are available at 12 Tattoos and Body Piercings and are known for their work creating realistic faces, animals both cartoon and realistic, and other artistic pieces. The shading and detail work are extremely high quality here and you’ll certainly be happy with the work created for you by the artists at 12 Tattoos and Body Piercings.

Three Roses Studio, Fairfield, CT

This upscale studio caters to both art lovers and those seeking a beautiful tattoo. Three Roses Studio specializes in Traditional Americana style tattoos and Japanese Irezumi tattoos created by the owner, Frankie Frieri. Your tattoo from Three Roses Studio will have clean, bold lines, and bright colors. In addition, art exhibits are frequently held here.

Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery, Branford, CT

This tattoo parlor and piercing studio works on custom tattoos and offers professional body piercings. Walk ins are welcome if no appointments have been previously booked, and clients come away with tattoos that fit their specifications and heal beautifully. The talented artists can do realistic portraits, beautiful flowers, and detailed shaded pieces.

Darkside Tattoo, East Haven, CT

Darkside Tattoo prides themselves on innovative designs and their excellent team of artists. For an example of each tattoo artists’ artwork, a comprehensive portfolio can be found in their clean studio as well as a selection of works online. After your tattoo is complete, your artist will teach you the proper care needed to heal your tattoo, so the finished piece remains high quality.

Bent N Twiztid Tattooing, Willington, CT

Though the name is a bit of a mouthful, Bent N Twiztid Tattooing is a highly-rated tattoo parlor with artists capable of creating original works of art both freehand and with guides. The artists at Bent N Twiztid, Frank DeMao, Kryz Jewell, and Stephen Kiss, are also known for their excellent cover up work, creating a beautiful new tattoo over one you want hidden.

Brass City Tattoo, Oakville, CT

Brass City Tattoo features several excellent tattoo artists. The studio focuses on photo realistic, skulls, American traditional, script tattoos, and more. Let the creative artists at Brass City Tattoo produce a beautiful piece of art to last a lifetime. 

Keys on Kites Tattoo & Gallery, New Haven, CT

For a private tattooing experience, Keys on Kites provides individual tattoo booths, customization, and professional customer service. Keys on Kites Tattoo & Gallery has two artists on staff: Eric and Darius. There is also an art gallery on-site displaying artwork from graffiti and tattoo artists, sculptors, photographers, and more. Other events held at Keys on Kites includes barbecues and fundraisers for those in need.

Bad Fish Tattoo, Norwalk, CT

The studio at Bad Fish is decked out in an underwater theme, which makes it a bit more welcoming for those getting their first tattoo or who are slightly uncomfortable with the hardcore atmosphere of most tattoo parlors. The artists at Bad Fish produce highly intricate, detailed tattoos in both color and black ink. The professional staff are all trained in the highest cleanliness standards and are CPR certified.

Vanity Rites Tattoo & Body Art Studio, Southington, CT

Vanity Rites strives to work with their clients to create the desired artwork and nothing gets tattooed until the drawing is one you love. Clients enjoy private, comfortable rooms while being tattooed. In addition to regular tattoo inks, Vanity Rites Tattoo also offers vegan tattoos. Piercing and tattoo removal are also available. 

Paradise Tattoo, LLC, Milford, CT

Take your child for a safe, hygienic ear piercing at Paradise Tattoo or schedule a tattoo appointment for yourself. Paradise Tattoo creates custom tattoos for placement anywhere on the body including sleeves and leg pieces. The owner has been tattooing since 1991 and specializes in traditional style tattoos. Another tattoo artists at the parlor, Doug Kapreiko, focuses on photo realistic tattoos.

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