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7 Best Escape Rooms in Connecticut!

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Escape rooms are group challenges, in which you and several other participants are locked together in a room and required to solve a mystery. These fun and often family-friendly mystery challenges are similar to playing a live roll-play mystery game and are a great way to flex your collaboration and puzzle solving muscles. Connecticut has an abundance of these trendy game venues, but some are definitely better than others. Here are the coolest escape rooms in Connecticut!

Mission Escape Games, West Hartford, CT

Practice teamwork while you attempt to escape from Dr. Jekyll’s hideout before one hour is up and Mr. Hyde returns. This puzzle-based game is challenging and well-designed, really stretching collaboration and problem solving skills. This venue allows the unique option of having a public game, meaning if you’d like to participate with only your friends or family, you need to book all of the tickets at the time you’d like to play.

Pursue the Clues, Torrington, CT

In this puzzle venue, you aren’t locked in a room, instead your team’s directive is to accomplish a specific goal. Four different challenges are available at Pursue the Clues and the time spans range from 45 minutes to one hour. With your team’s help, recover a stolen piece of art by Van Gogh, search for a black widow gold digger, and more!

REACT Premium Escape Rooms, Windsor Locks, CT

Come try one of the most highly rated escape rooms around at REACT Premium Escape Rooms in Windsor Locks. Feel as though you’re living in one of your favorite action/mystery movies while using your deduction skills to find a solution. The current game is Raiders of the Lost Room, and upcoming games include the exciting Sherlock Holmes: Case of the White Lady, Hungover, and RAGEscape.

Panic Room, Stamford, CT

With slightly scarier and darker escape room options than some of the others on this list, Panic Room is great for those seeking a more serious mystery to solve. Wrongfully Accused is one of the current mysteries that is set around your private detective partner being murdered the night before… and you’re the suspected culprit. You have to find the evidence to prove your innocence before time is up. Biohazard is a game coming soon that sounds very exciting, so be sure to keep an eye out for its reveal!

Complexity Rooms: A Puzzling Adventure, Farmington, CT

Work together with your team of a minimum of two people to solve a complex puzzle. Options currently available include the Mall, Cat Burglar, and the Pirate. The rooms here are different levels of complexity, with the Mall being the most difficult and suggested for people who’ve previously completed an escape room. This game, in specific, takes you through a closed mall to find your lost car keys and wallet in time to make your dinner reservation.

Trap’t Escape Room Adventures, Stamford, CT

Trap’t offers teams three different experiences (with one more coming soon) to solve their way through. One thrilling escape is Abducted: Escape from the Madman, in which you and your team find yourself abducted and locked in a closet. You need to find your way out of the closet and to your freedom in just 60 minutes. Another current game is Museum Mayhem, where vandals broke into and destroyed an exhibit. Your job is to help you find the artifacts and replace them in their correct positions.

Mystified, Mystic, CT

Perfect for novices and families, the game Keeper of the Light places you and your teammates directly in an exciting adventure. You and your team must try to reach an abandoned lighthouse to help prevent boats from running aground during a hurricane. The two current games are also wheelchair accessible at Mystified.

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