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7 Best Omelet Places in Wyoming!

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Even with the ever-changing culinary trends, omelets have remained an important staple of the breakfast meal. Hearty, healthy, and rife for customization, the omelet is especially popular at the home-style diners and breakfast joints dotting the rural West. Alongside hearty hash browns and some hot coffee, the art of proper egg cookery is as important to the American morning as bacon. Here are the 7 best places to get an omelet in Wyoming.

Nora’s Fish Creek Inn, Wilson, WY

Casual and authentic and darn good, Nora’s is an under-the-radar institution, and breakfast is one of its strongest suits. This unassuming cabin-restaurant sports some stop-worthy burritos and huevos rancheros, alongside decent stacks of hot cakes and buttery hash browns. But the magic is in the eggs, with or without some signature trout. Whether plain, slathered in chili or filled with asparagus & brie, the omelet menu is diverse (and delicious!). And if one prefers customization, the create-your-own option features four types of cheese and over a dozen meat and vegetarian ingredients. 

Eggington’s, Casper, WY

Eggington’s has all that indulgent Americana, all well-priced, and it’s local. The familiar 70s-era decor of wood paneling and sturdy chairs is homey and welcoming, with an inimitable warmth echoed in the comforting food. The three-egg omelets are a perfect example: they’re tasty and filling and customizable to the hilt. The “Bacado” brings some Southwest flair, stuffed with bacon, cheese and topped with avocado and salsa. And the classic ham-onion-pepper Denver never disappoints. 

Persephone Bakery, Jackson, WY

Daughter of Zeus and queen of the underworld, the Greek goddess Persephone embodies a fundamental aspect of the Jackson food scene: the harvest. Both in terms of its topographical assets and the acumen of its culinary industry, the bounty of the Teton Valley is embodied in this top-notch establishment. While its wheat-based goods and pastries are more renowned, Persephone Bakery applies technique and attention to detail to some supremely fluffy, flavorful omelets. While the Croque Madame and Scone Skillet are scrumptious, the herbed omelet is impressively light, well-seasoned and perfectly-executed, with a savory-tangy interplay between goat cheese and roasted veg.

Figs at Hotel Jackson, Jackson, WY

Descended from the proud lineage of Jackson’s first establishments, the boutique Hotel Jackson is a sight to behold, and an experience to savor. It’s steeped in history, luxury, and excellent service, providing an ideal complement to the inimitable natural environs. Just a block from the town square, this pristine modern Western architectural icon draws the most discerning, necessitating a top-notch culinary experience. And breakfast at Figs is a prime example. The made-to-order omelets are expertly produced and elegant, filled with top-notch meats, veg and cheeses. The higher price tag is tempered by the gorgeous ambiance and food worth savoring. 

The Bunnery, Jackson Hole, WY

Western through and through, this excellent bakery-centered establishment has provided quality grain-confections for decades. Focused on healthy, responsibly-sourced and handmade products, the restaurant’s breakfast menu is a delightful bonus to a plethora of house-made goodies. And on top of the excellent food, the cozy and friendly atmosphere only bolsters the comforting, welcome-home experience. Alongside a great selection of scrambles and a decent kid’s menu, the three-egg omelets reflect the Bunnery’s focus on simply delicious, done well. Be it meat-laden, veggie-stuffed or guacamole-smothered, the egg cookery here is top-notch. 

The Virginian Restaurant, Jackson, WY

Tucked against some gorgeous coniferous wilderness, the Virginian has the dual assets of panoramas afforded by the Teton Valley and an approachable, friendly vibe. The dining experience echo these traits, set in an open dining room with ample windows framing the Jackson Hole panorama. The scratch-made comfort food is charmingly quaint, hearty and delicious, with home-style breakfast specialties like chicken fried steak and chilaquiles. And the selection of possible omelets is formidable: choose from twenty ingredients and a handful of specialty egg-white versions.

R&B Breakfast Club, Cheyenne, WY

This unique restaurant is a charmingly-odd amalgam: an Elvis-Themed diner that specializes in the breakfast burrito. Their trademark quirkiness and culinary claims-to-fame make for a relaxed, fun, and satisfying breakfast, all affordable and made fast. The simply blue and white building houses a neon-accented mausoleum to the King, with framed pictures and memorabilia blanketing the walls. And in this impassioned atmosphere, the food is all the better. The three-egg omelets (all with hash browns) are straightforward (meat or cheese or veg), and in this case, simple is delicious.

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