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Top 10 Fun Facts About Wyoming

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There’s so much to discover in the great state of Wyoming, and you don’t even have to live there to learn what makes this state so unique. Start with these 10 fun facts about Wyoming.

One of Wyoming’s most visited places is Yellowstone National Park.

The hit TV series Yellowstone might focus on Montana, but the nation’s first national park is mostly in Wyoming. Set atop a volcanic area, the park is famous for its geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and rugged landscape.

Wyoming is one of the largest — and one of the smallest — states.

Despite having a land area of over 97,000 square miles (the 10th largest state), Wyoming is one of the least populated states in the USA. At the last census, only 577,737 people called Wyoming home.

Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote.

This is where Wyoming gets its nickname — the Equality State. According to the Constitution Center, the allowance passed in 1869, with other western states following suit. Bonus fact: Wyoming was also the first state to have a female governor.

Artist Jackson Pollock comes from Wyoming.

Pollock was born in Cody in 1912. Wyoming has also been home to a number of famous names and faces, including Buffalo Bill, The Sundance Kid, Harrison Ford, and Matthew Fox.

Buffalo Bill helped to create the town of Cody.

The name Cody comes from Buffalo Bill’s real name, William Frederick Cody. He first passed through the area in the 1870s, with legend saying he was so impressed by the region that he returned in the 1890s to start a town. Some of the names of men who helped developed the area have streets named after them.

There’s another national park in Wyoming — Grand Teton National Park.

The Grand Teton National Park is spread out around Teton County. With mountains as far as the eye can see, it’s a hot spot for hikers with hundreds of miles of trails and lots of wildlife.

Wyoming has 32 islands within its borders.

Not typically thought of as a state for water recreation, Wyoming’s lakes and other water bodies have given way to several named islands.

One of Wyoming’s most notable foods is the bison burger.

A tasty twist on the classic hamburger, the bison burger is a slice of Wyoming cuisine that can’t be beaten. Places like The Senator’s Steakhouse, Roxie’s on Grand, and Buffalo Jump Saloon and Steakhouse serve up the best, along with other favorites like bison short ribs.

There’s a cabin made entirely of fossils.

Dinosaur digging was popular in Wyoming, so much so that someone built an entire roadside cabin out of their findings in 1932. The Fossil Cabin at Como Bluff still stands to this day.

Wyoming’s state flower is the Wyoming Indian Paintbrush.

The fiery-colored flower is native to the US and grows well on rocky slopes (a common landscape in Wyoming).

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