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The 8 Best Skate Parks in Utah!

ut skate parks

With an abundance of opportunities for extreme sports, it’s not a surprise that Utah likes to shred. Tucked away in its mountainside cities are a plethora of top-notch (and sometimes free!) skate parks for all skaters to enjoy. Don’t know where to start? We can help you out. Here are the 8 best skate parks in Utah. 

Sandy Skate Park, Sandy, UT

Although its bowl offerings are sparse, this skate park in Sandy (a suburb just south of Salt Lake City) isn’t too shabby. Vast and well-equipped, it serves both beginners and experienced skaters alike. 

Park City Skate Park, Park City, UT

Located in Park City (arguably Utah’s top spot for skiing and snowboarding) this skate park attracts anyone and everyone looking for some action sans the icy white stuff. 

Greenwood Skate Park, American Fork, UT

With a sizable bowl akin to any perfectly positioned pool, this skate park offers rails and ramps of all sizes. Park is open from 7 a.m. until dusk! 

Provo Rec Center Skate Park, Provo, UT

Created only a few years ago, the Provo Rec Center Skate Park is modern and easy to access. Don’t have a membership? Doesn’t matter. Frequented by both college students and middle-schoolers, this park is open to the public at no extra cost. 

Jordan Park (SLC), Salt Lake City, UT

While most skate parks in Utah neighbor multi-colored playgrounds, this Salt Lake City park not only has the facilities necessary for advanced skaters, but provides an equally edgy ambience. 

Smith Fields Skate Park, Draper, UT

A simple and spacious neighborhood fixture just south of Salt Lake City, the Draper Skate Park gets the job done without all the extra frills. Make no mistake: what this park lacks in diversity is easily made up through a surplus in square footage.  

Riverton City Skate Park, Riverton, UT

West of Salt Lake City, the Riverton Skate Park is probably one of the most well-rounded in Utah. With myriad bowls, rails, and a mix of mega and mini ramps, this park simply begs for attention.  

South Jordan Skate Park, South Jordan, UT

With a variety of offerings, this park is renowned for its bowl’s smooth “waterfall roll-in.” Not far from Salt Lake City, the park’s parking lot surroundings only enhance its gnarly appeal. 

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