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Shades of Pale Brewing

One of the best things about opening a brewery is the smile people get when you tell them. Everybody wants great beer... even in Utah. It was a pipe dream at first. I'd been brewing beer as a hobby for fifteen years, but start a brewery? In Park City? We talked about it for months. Then one day Alex said, "That's it, no more talking-just do it!" I'm from a family of gourmets with a knack for blending great flavors. Alex is from a family of passionate Colombians. She knows how to get things done. She also knows how to dance a fiery Tango, but that's a different story. Shades of Pale beer is all about the recipes, and adding subtle twists to classic styles. Our goal is to create uniquely-brewed, handcrafted beers, with a consistent quality that brings people back.

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