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Museum of Peoples and Cultures

Mission :

   The Museum of Peoples and Cultures exists to serve the academic mission of BYU and
care for the anthropological, archaeological, and ethnographic collections in the custody of the University.

   The Museum of Peoples and Cultures is BYU’s Teaching Museum, inspiring students to life-long learning and service and mentoring them in collections-focused activities that reinforce BYU ideals of education as spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, and character building.These activities concurrently serve the scholarly community, the LDS community,
and/or the general public and aspire to the highest standards of stewardship and public trust.

The Museum supports this mission by

    1. Collecting, preserving, and caring for material objects that document the diversity of human experiences and reflect the multi-faceted fabric of the world’s cultures past and present;

    2. Providing a professional learning environment for BYU students through a broad range of instruction in both formal and informal settings; through programs that enable student participation; and through example and role-modeling;

    3. Facilitating teaching and research on peoples and cultures by BYU faculty, staff, students, and by members of the scholarly community in peer institutions;

    4. Creating new knowledge through scholarly research including field activities, research, and exhibitions; and,

    5. Educating museum visitors about peoples and cultures as appropriate to the Museum’s holdings and collecting scope.

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