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University of Utah: Best Late Night Food Spots

ut university utah late night food

We’re all guilty of late night cravings, and although all of the fitness moguls tell us not to eat before bed, there aren’t many things more satisfying than some late night grub. And let’s face it: if you’re in college, your metabolism can probably take the hit. The following Salt Lake City restaurants are open past traditional eating hours, which means they are some of the most popular with University of Utah students. 

Pie Hole, Salt Lake City, UT

Pizza past midnight is a college classic. Meet the Pie Hole: Salt Lake City’s quintessential pizza spot. With cheap slices, surprisingly awesome quality, and a different vegan option every day of the week, the Pie Hole feels ridiculously hip without even trying. Open on weekdays until 2 a.m. and on weekends until 3 a.m., the Pie Hole will always be a favorite for Salt Lake City college students. 

Avenues Proper, Salt Lake City, UT

Technically a craft brewery and restaurant, Avenues Proper is located in downtown Salt Lake City and satisfies not just typical college student cravings, but also gourmet foodie cravings. Open until midnight on Friday and Saturday, the restaurant has plenty of options to fit the size of your late-night appetite, making it work just as well for light appetizers and socializing as for a full-on meal. 

The Lake Effect, Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, the Lake Effect is a semi-upscale bar. That said, it is a great hang out spot for college students who want a classier late night environment. It is off limits for students who are younger than 21 (for obvious reasons). It is hard to beat its small plates and sleek ambience. 

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Proper Burger Co., Salt Lake City, UT

Part of the same restaurant family as Avenues Proper, Proper Burger Co. has made a name for itself as a restaurant with delicious food that is also open until the early hours of the morning. If you want a classic hamburger, something with an ethnic twist, or even a vegan burger, this is your place. 

Spitz, Salt Lake City, UT

With multiple locations in the Salt Lake City area, Spitz is a go-to restaurant for University of Utah students. The Mediterranean-inspired food is tasty and filling, and with a complimentary deck of Cards Against Humanity at every table, you know you’re in for a good time. 

Eva, Salt Lake City, UT

Open until midnight on the weekends, Eva is less of a late-night grub destination than it is a great Salt Lake City restaurant that happens to be open late. Its menu is fresh, fun, and forgiving to all stomachs who don’t do well with late night eats. 

Este Pizzeria, Salt Lake City, UT

Thought you couldn’t find New York style pizza in the Beehive State? Think again. Este Pizzeria wants you to enjoy the famous New York slice, albeit noticeably upgraded. Even if consumed after 10 p.m., it’s unlikely this pizza will make you feel gross the next day. And if you try one of their famous vegan specialty pizzas, bonus points! 

Iceberg Drive Inn, Salt Lake City, UT

The original Iceberg Drive Inn is a Utah landmark. Once a humble mom and pop burger joint, the restaurant now has locations across Utah as well as locations in Arizona and California. And although it isn’t open until late late, Iceberg Drive Inn is a great spot for friends to enjoy deliciously thick shakes and perfectly crisp onion rings. 

Lucky 13 Bar and Grill, Salt Lake City, UT

Lucky 13 Bar and Grill claims to have the world’s best burger. From the looks of the restaurant’s popularity, it seems this far-fetched claim is true! After all, everything does seem to taste better after midnight. 

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