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10 Best Bars in Utah: 2024 Edition!

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Utahans know how to have a good time, and what better place to do so than among the state's lively bar scene. From divey pubs to cocktail joints to distilleries, these 10 best bars in Utah: 2024 edition will keep you coming back every weekend.

Beerhive Pub, Salt Lake City, UT

With a particularly wide beer selection and a central location, Beerhive Pub is proud to call Utah home. While some of the drinks are expensive, others are very budget-friendly. With standard quality food to boot, this pub is definitely a people pleaser. 

The Bayou, Salt Lake City, UT

A crowd favorite, the Bayou in Salt Lake City is a hotspot for alcohol connoisseurs. The servers are also surprisingly knowledgeable when it comes to the vastness of their menu, which is especially impressive considering the Bayou offers over 300 different types of beer. Although parking is hard to find, patience is worth it. If you’re hungry, make sure to try the jambalaya: A true New Orleans classic, albeit on the other side of the country. 

The Red Door, Salt Lake City, UT

Famous for their martini selection, the Red Door offers a variety of other drinks to please pickier consumers. With outdoor seating and a classy and cozy ambience, the bar attracts bar-goers looking for an experience rather than a quick drink. 

Beer Bar & Bar X, Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps a bit confusing, avid bar-goers in Utah know that neighboring the Beer Bar and Bar X are actually sister bars. While Bar X has been an establishment since Prohibition was repealed in 1933, Beer Bar was opened in 2010. The first serves drinks and the second serves beer. An interesting tidbit? Bar X it is co-owned by “Modern Family” star Ty Burrell. 

Whiskey Street Cocktails & Dining, Salt Lake City, UT

With a name that hearkens back to Utah’s pioneer heritage, Whiskey Street Cocktails & Dining is far from the traditional bar. Crafted for the gourmet, the bar has an impressive menu with far from typical bar food. The food and drinks are accompanied by masculine wood interior finishes and clean, professional plating. The bar even offers brunch with “Bourbon Blood Orange Glazed Sticky Buns” and a great Blood Mary to boot.  

ABG’s Bar, Provo, UT

One of the only bars in Utah Valley, ABG’s has the tendency to attract an unusual crowd. That said, the bar is always extremely busy and has been in business for as long as Provo residents can remember. In need of a slight face lift, the bar nevertheless succeeds at maintaining homey, old-fashioned vibes. 

High West Distillery and Saloon, Park City, UT

Originally a hole-in-the-wall operation in downtown Park City, High West Distillery and Saloon has since made a name for itself. With four different locations and a stellar reputation, the bar nevertheless chooses to stick to its old-time roots. High West now offers what they call “whiskey-paired dinners,” and if you make reservations ahead of time, you can take a tour of their gastro-distillery. 

No Name Saloon & Grill, Park City, UT

No Name Saloon & Grill is another Park City classic. After a long day of mountain biking, a roof top dining and/or drinking experience overlooking Park City Main Street is just what the doctor ordered. Without a doubt, spending time at No Name Saloon & Grill is somehow relaxing, fun, and invigorating all at the same time. If you don’t get a spot on the rooftop, the interior decorating is enough to keep you entertained for hours. 

Fletcher’s, Park City, UT

Named after the owner’s dog, Fletcher, this bar is best known for its mixed cocktails. With the perfect mountainside atmosphere, Fletcher’s food is also worth mentioning. Using produce from nearby farms as well as grass-fed meats, both your stomach and conscious can feel good about eating there. 

Woody’s Tavern, Moab, UT

One of Moab’s best-loved bars, Woody’s is a jack of all trades. Priding itself on a “safe environment for adults to enjoy themselves responsibly,” the bar definitely has a community vibe. The good news? You don’t have to be a resident to participate. With a prime location in downtown Moab, the bar is a great way to relax after a day of hiking in the primitive red rock. 

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