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Palmetto Distillery

About Us:

Palmetto Distillery is a labor of love for Trey and Bryan Boggs. The two brothers and entrepreneurs from Anderson, SC are dedicated business men, southern to the bone and most importantly spirit connoisseurs. The brothers drew inspiration from their own heritage and that of South Carolina to create Palmetto Distillery. Which produces South Carolina's First Legal Moonshine and continues to revolutionize the spirit industry.
The history behind our brand is rooted deep in the heritage of the Boggs family. Dock Boggs, a relative of Trey and Bryan was born in 1898. The youngest of ten children he began playing folk music in the early 1900's and is recognized by the Smithsonian for his musical contributions to the genre. While Dock was trying to break out with his music career he began working as a coal miner. His fi rst job in the mines was "trapping" meaning he controlled the traffi  c into and out of the mines. This was hard, grueling work that only paid $0.07 per hour. Dock quickly realized that he needed to fi nd another way to earn money so he began making and running bootleg to get by. Dock inspired Trey and Bryan to reignite the Boggs family tradition of bringing great tasting, high quality spirits to the masses....the only difference is that now the government gets their share.
Palmetto Distillery's mission is to honor the heritage of South Carolina's liquor production by creating a whiskey of unparalleled taste and quality. We take pride in creating products that showcase the colorful history of the Palmetto State and the deep connection our brands have to South Carolina.

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