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Providence Honk Festival

PRONK! (Providence Honk Fest) is a free, family-friendly, activist outdoor justice + music + art festival, featuring activist-centered brass bands + percussion ensembles + musicians + performers + artists. Since 2007, PRONK! has practiced creative activism in collaboration with local, national and international musicians + artists + performers + spectacles in Providence, RI.

RECLAIMS the streets with brass, beats, and feet!

IS a free occupation of public space.

IS people-powered music + art + justice + community.

IS spawned from the original HONK! Festival in Somerville, MA that has “grown into a new type of street band movement-throughout the country and across the globe-outrageous and inclusive, brass and brash, percussive and persuasive, reclaiming public space with a sound that is in your face and out of this world.” - HONK!

SUPPORTS education & questioning of mainstream narratives.

IS an antidote to mainstream culture.

IS a celebration of resistance to consumerism, colonialism, hatred, and injustice.

CELEBRATES Providence.

IS NOT consumer-driven.

ENCOURAGES youth to engage with music and art as a platform for social change.

IS family-friendly.

AIMS to build relationships between and among artists and organizations.

IS NOT a Columbus Day celebration.

BELIEVES artists and musicians have something to contribute AND LEARN from social justice movements.

DOES NOT support complacency and unquestioned acceptance.

ASPIRES to spark meaningful dialogues around challenges dividing our communities.

SEEKS to utilize the the visual and auditory noise of artists and local, national, and international street bands to highlight the important work of activists making change in our own community.

We, the PRONK! community, recognize that we have a long way to go...

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