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The Best Escape Rooms in Rhode Island!

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Do you have the problem-solving skills to find your way out? The awesome escape rooms of Rhode Island will put those skills to the test. From themes like the “Sherlock’s Library” to “Medieval Manor,” you never know just what you’re going to run into. Here are the best escape rooms in Rhode Island! 

The Great Escape Room, Providence, RI

Choose from four of these Sherlock-themed escape rooms—Sherlock’s Library, Moriarty’s Game Room, the President’s Bunker, Dr. Watson’s Infirmary—where you're locked in a room with one way out. Use deductive reasoning to search hidden compartments, find clues, and travel down secret passageways. But do it fast. You only have 60 minutes to figure it all out.

Escape Rhode Island, Providence, RI

Each of our two games at this second-floor escape room can accommodate large groups can. Scenarios rotate every few months, and but each “real-life” mystery features a scenario where nothing is as it seems. Creativity and creative thinking are valued and games are rated as moderate to difficult. 

Lock & Clue Escape Rooms, Pawtucket, RI

These exciting, real-life adventure games offer several unique rooms and private worlds. You can become a professional, or escape from a maniacal butcher’s cellar. Each story at Lock & Clue offers immersive stories and professionally designed sets, this venue is perfect for team building or for those looking for an hour-long thrill.

RI Riddle Room, East Greenwich, RI

Choose from two immersive escape scenarios at the RI Riddle Room. In Murder Mystery Two, you will find secret rendezvous to and mysterious asylums. In La Costa Nostra you’ll work undercover in order to infiltrate a secret organization. Rooms accommodate four to ten people and take about an hour to play.

Escape Room Rhode Island, Pawtucket, RI

Get ready for this exciting new escape room. Having just opened in late spring, this one lives up to the hype. The room adventures were built and designed by top leading industry professionals, so your experience will be nothing short of dramatic. The current go-to room is called “The Contraption” where you will need to outsmart Professor X and his crazy robots, machines, and contraptions in order to get out. Check out the site for new and upcoming rooms to be built!

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