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7 Best Breweries in Oregon!

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They say that Oregonians bleed coffee in the morning and beer at night, so it should be no surprise that stellar breweries exist in all parts of the state. The following are just 7 best, although the list could go further. If you’re a beer lover, these breweries must be visited.  

pFriem Family Brewers, Hood River, OR

Drawing inspiration from the Trappist Monk breweries of Old Belgium, pFriem family brewing produces artisan beers that prove that the old ways are often still the best. Nonetheless, the family’s Pacific Northwest roots show through everything they do. This family is truly dedicated to the art of brewing the best possible beer no matter what the century or the setting. 

Barley Browns, Baker City, OR

At first glance, this small Eastern Oregon ranching community doesn’t seem the place for an up-and-coming star on the craft beer scene, but Barley Browns proves that good beer isn’t just about Portland anymore. This place has been winning awards right and left in recent years, and they’ve only just gotten started. Baker City’s historic Main Street provides a lovely location for enjoying a pint by the window.

Boneyard Beer, Bend, OR

IPA lovers often think that the only place to go to indulge their love of big, hoppy flavors is whatever the latest brewing sensation is in Portland, but Bend has them beat with Boneyard Beer. Boneyard’s got its unconventional start in the craft beer business as an afterthought in an auto shop. Its name comes from the way one of the current owners collected old brewery equipment as a hobby and then pieced together his own brewery from his finds. 

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company, Portland, OR

If you’re a fan of barrel-aged artisan beers with a tart, even sour tang, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company was made with you in mind. Considered a pioneer in Pacific Northwest sour beer brewing, Cascade is making converts to the sour side every day. 

De Garde Brewing, Tillamook, OR

The brewers at De Garde in Tillamook never add yeast cultured in a laboratory to the creations—only wild yeast that occurs naturally is used to ferment vats of beer left in the open air for that purpose. De Garde offers extremely limited release only, so be prepared to stalk them when you fall in love with their magic potions. 

Block 15 Brewing Company, Corvallis, OR

You’d expect to find at least one great brew pub in a small college town, and Block 15 Brewing doesn’t disappoint. However, Block 15 is far more than just a college hangout. Cultivating community is almost as important here as creating good beer. Come in for a bright, hoppy IPA and leave with a new pet cause and a few new friends. 

Heater Allen Brewing, McMinnville, OR

Every wine country destination needs at least one stellar microbrewery, and Heater Allen Brewing fits the bill nicely in the heart of Oregon’s Yamhill wine region. You won’t find a varied beer menu here, though—this small artisan shop specializes in lagers, so if you’re a lager lover, Heater Allen Brewing is your personal paradise. 

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