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7 Best Bakeries in Nevada!

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Some of the best kept secrets in Nevada aren’t tied to the history of legendary Las Vegas or the long lost ruins of the desert. Instead, hidden gems often manifest in the form of sweet shops that our locals love. It makes sense that the best bakeries in the state range from a long-standing tradition of hardworking families to celebrity bakers with more than enough wedding cakes to fit your needs. Take a sweet road trip to explore some dessert in the desert with these 7 best bakeries in Nevada.

Freeds Bakery, Las Vegas, NV

This famous, family-owned bakery started with the Freeds’ plan to move to Los Angeles, which was stopped short in Vegas. Once the Freeds discovered the community there, they unpacked the car and never made it to California. This move started them on the path to running one of the most loved bakeries in the area. The bakery is known to pastries to die for, special event cakes you won't find anywhere else and customer service that makes everyone feel like a member of the family. This small local chain has changed for three generations and has enjoyed over 30 years of being listed among the “Best of Las Vegas.”

Paul Schat's Bakery, Carson City, NV

When you ask locals about Paul Schat's best items, you may be surprised with the variety of opinions. This bakery is known for amazing pastries and breads but others are quick to point out that the event catering and cakes is what they do best. Just for research purposes of course, you may need to sample it all to see what their best is. The cakes go above and beyond the basic traditions for weddings with true art in the form of mouth watering desserts.

Carlo's Bakery, Las Vegas, NV

The Cake Boss has taken Vegas by storm as the Venetian welcomes the world famous cannoli, cookies and of course over the top cakes dating back to 1910. Carlo's Bakery has been well loved in the East for many years, and after the success of TV series “Cake Boss” the team made it to Las Vegas. This family affair is known for telling it like it is, making amazing pastries that sell out fast each day and being well worth the wait if you happen to miss out on the freshest stock in town.

Showboy Bakeshop, Henderson, NV

Whether you are looking for a huge cake to be the center of your next event or a cupcake to give to your sweetie, this is the shop to find amazing cakes that may just look too good to eat. The shop is known for their art, whether it's cakes that are over the top all the way down to cupcakes you may not want to share because they taste that good. The cakes are truly show stoppers so be prepared to wow the crowd at the next event.

House of Bread, Reno, NV

This small company is on a mission to make amazing breads just like Grandma use to make with amazing ingredients and of course love. The smell of fresh baked breads cooling in the bakery is enough to warrant a drive in, but the best kept secret is the cinnamon wreaths that are a must try for family holidays or a special brunch. Beyond the incredible pastries and breads, knowing that the fresh baked smell can quickly fill your home with a quick warm up of the bread is an added bonus.

Pinkbox Doughnuts, Summerlin, Henderson, NV

Pinkbox Doughnuts is where bake shop meets quirky with donuts that are just enough “outside the box” to keep regular fans guessing but yummy enough to try again and again. The quality is reliable but the fun flavors are just enough of a donut kicked up a notch to give them a Vegas spin. The Pinkbox is a reminder of the start of the gourmet quirky donut with the gentle nod to the world famous Voodoo Donuts but this local favorite makes the donuts their own.

Mrs. William's Bakery, Las Vegas, NV

This bakery will take you back to the small town days of a local bakery doing everything right without the frills. The biggest difference in these yummy baked goods is the fact that they are sugar free for anyone counting calories, diabetic or just watching their sugar intake. You would never know the basics from this local favorite are sugar free, they are surely not flavor free.

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