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The 10 Best Senior Discount Offers in New Jersey!

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It can be a challenge to live on a fixed income, but fortunately there are endless discounts available for seniors in New Jersey. From saving on clothing, to food, to travel, to your vision, these special deals really add up and put money in the bank. Find all of your favorite things at a reasonable price with these 10 senior discount offers in New Jersey. 

1.Kohl’s, Multiple locations

If you need to do some shopping, make sure you visit Kohl’s on Wednesdays for 15 percent discount on most purchases. This discount applies to those 60 or older but cannot be applied with other discount offers such as Kohl’s Cash. 


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2.Denny’s, Multiple locations

Enjoy selection from a hearty menu and 15 percent off their already affordable menu prices at Denny’s. AARP members will enjoy 15 percent off any day at any mealtime, so you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

3.Amtrak, Multiple locations

Senior citizens receive an excellent discount when traveling via Amtrak train across the U.S. Fifteen percent off will be applied to the lowest available rail fare for those 62 years-old and over. A senior discount of 10 percent will apply if the train service is run jointly by Amtrak and Rail Canada, so why not book that cross-country trip you’ve always dreamed of?

4.Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Multiple locations

Carrabba’s Italian Grill serves seasonal Italian specialties that are crowd-pleasers among families dining together. AARP members can enjoy 10 percent off your bill, excluding alcoholic beverages, at any time. Carrabba’s has several locations in New Jersey, so would make a great option for those looking to eat out on a budget.

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5.Budget, Multiple locations

Budget, the ubiquitous rental car company, offers 25 percent off base rates in partnership with AARP Member Advantages. When renting a car through Budget, participating locations provide low rates when renting from continental U.S. and Canada. Do be sure to check online for the cheapest rental prices to ensure you are getting the maximum discount possible!

6.Zipcar, Multiple locations

If you don’t own a car, but need something more frequently than a rental, joining Zipcar is a great option. And as a senior citizen, you are entitled to up to 43 percent savings and you have the convenience of borrowing a car when you need it. AARP members receive a discount on the annual membership and $40 worth of free driving time.

7.Schwan’s Home Service

If you’d like to try a grocery and prepared food delivery service, consider Schwan’s Home Delivery, which offers AARP members $20 off your first order of $50 or more. From Schwan’s online store, you can purchase meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, and even dessert. AARP members also receive double Schwan’s Rewards points, which can be applied for discounts on future deliveries. 

8.Howard Johnson’s, Multiple locations

Howard Johnson’s provides 10 percent off the lowest hotel stay rate to AARP members. Those making a booking that would like to use this discount need only put the membership code into the online booking or call the specific discounted hotline (1-800-364-6072) to make a booking reflecting this percentage off. This discount applies at Howard Johnson’s location in New Jersey as well as across the U.S., making this hotel chain a good option for frequent travelers.  

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9.AT&T, Multiple locations

New Jersey residents can inquire about an AARP related savings applicable at AT&T. A discount of 10 percent may apply to the monthly service charge for wireless plans and 15 percent off might be applicable to phone-related accessories. Check to see if your plan or desired phone qualifies for these discounts by visiting a local AT&T store or checking the online shop. 

10.Target Optical, Multiple locations

Target Optical provides those with an up-to-date AARP membership great discounts on all things vision related. You’ll receive 30 percent off an eyeglass or sunglass prescription, 40 percent off transitions lenses, 20 percent off contacts, and $5 off the in-store eye exam price, which varies between locations.  

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