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The 7 Best Record Stores in New Hampshire!

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In the 1960s and 1970s, it was common for teens—and adults, too—to make their way to their favorite record stores once a week to pick up the latest 45 they’d heard on the radio during the past week. Those vinyl discs never really went out of style. They were tested for a time with the appearances of cassette tapes and CDs, but true vinyl lovers simply wouldn’t let them go. These days records are back to stay. And they’re for sale in stores that carry new releases and vintage favorites. For a little bit of nostalgia, check out the 7 best record stores in New Hampshire. 

Bull Moose, Portsmouth, NH

A small chain located in Maine and New Hampshire, Bull Moose is noted for the new and vintage vinyl they sell. Their clerks know music, too. They don’t just simply check you out with your purchase.

Music Connection, Manchester, NH

33s, 45s and even 78s are available in abundance at Music Connection. They buy, sell and are happy to try to locate your favorite music.

Skeletone Records, Rochester, NH

Featuring a huge selection of records, Skeletone Records enjoys business from customers from all over New England. They’ll work hard to find what you want if they don’t already carry it in the store.

Metro City Records, Manchester, NH

Metro City Records knows the pleasure of repeat customers, as they’re good at finding what they want. The selection in the store is impressive and the owners know their music.

Newbury Comics, Salem & Manchester, NH

Known for their eclectic mix of independent music, Newbury Comics also sells new releases and vintage records. There’s something for everyone here.

Pitchfork Records & Stereo, Concord, NH

Featuring a vast assortment of new and used vinyl, Pitchfork Records & Stereo has been Concord’s go-to place for buying records for many years. Even better—they sell turntables on which to play the vinyl!

Revolution Records, Conway, NH

Revolution Records is a great place to increase your vinyl collection. The records are mostly vintage, and all are in excellent condition.

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