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The 9 Best CrossFit Gyms in Nebraska!

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CrossFit gyms are becoming the newest fitness craze throughout the U.S. Combining varied, functional movements with a high intensity pace, it’s based on the core movements of life. It’s about maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest amount of time: cardio, running, weight lifting, and more. It’s so effective and so popular that there are now 13,000 locations—9 of which are the best of the best in Nebraska!

Big Omaha Fitness, Omaha, NE

Big Omaha Fitness has been voted “Best of Omaha” for the past two years, and it’s easy to see why. The staff is friendly, experienced and passionate about helping everyone who walks through their doors to become healthier, fitter, and happier, whether they are a total beginner or a seasoned pro. The environment is fun and supportive, and the programs here consist of gymnastics, weightlifting, and endurance training. The best thing about Big Omaha Fitness is that the workouts can be customized to any fitness level, and they also offer “Intro to CrossFit” classes.

CrossFit Papio, La Vista, NE

The goal at CrossFit Papio is to strengthen the mind, body and soul of each member. They provide a community of caring, encouraging, and supporting athletes and passionate, well trained coaches. They offer a free class for those who aren’t entirely sure that CrossFit is for them, as well as a Teen Summer CrossFit program for 12-17 year olds, athletes and non-athletes alike.  

Kinesis: Strength - Fitness - Wellness, Gretna, NE

Forging elite fitness and preventing injury is the goal of Kinesis: Strength - Fitness in Gretna, Nebraska. They offer a free CrossFit trial, followed by five on-ramp sessions, which focus on educating new members on the proper movements and techniques for each CrossFit session. Once you’ve passed the five sessions, then you’ll be on your way to becoming a member! Kinesis offers private coaching, group sessions, a Masters Programming class designed with older athletes in mind, and nutrition education classes. 

CrossFit Elkhorn, Elkhorn, NE

It’s all about discovering your inner athlete and having fun at CrossFit Elkhorn. Whether you want to become a CrossFit competitor, lose those last few stubborn pounds or just look better naked and feel more confident, no matter your goal, CrossFit Elkhorn is ready to help you achieve it. They offer over 30 different class options, and a staff that is highly experienced and qualified. 

CrossFit McCook, McCook, NE

Great people, fun members, and a humbling experience are all things that describe CrossFit McCook. Pushing you to do your best with helpful, motivating trainers who truly want you to succeed and become the best version of yourself. Classes incorporate metabolic conditioning, gymnastic body weight movements, and Olympic and power lifting.

Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness, Lincoln, NE

Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness was founded in 2009 by a group of firefighter friends who began their own CrossFit journeys together in local parks around town. In 2016, they were named ‘Fittest Gym’ in Nebraska. Within their 6,000 square foot facility, they offer Introductory CrossFit classes, required for all new members, Refresher CrossFit sessions, regular CrossFit classes, and even CrossFit for Kids, designed for children and their developmental needs. They also offer personalized coaching sessions for those who want something a bit more in their workouts.

Omaha CrossFit Hydro, Omaha, NE

CrossFit Hydro is for people just like you and me: ordinary people who value health and happiness, and aren’t afraid to work hard. Here you’ll find experienced coaches, customized programs, a commitment to safety and tons of community support! There are two different types of customizable programs: HydroFit and Endurance for those that want to work on their conditioning and overall stamina, and HydroStrong, for those who want to increase their total body strength and power. 

CrossFit Khrusos, Papillion, NE

The atmosphere at CrossFit Khrusos is fun and gregarious, and the workouts are about burning calories and allowing people to develop new and better capabilities. It’s similar to that of a collegiate athletic team, a close knit family working towards a common goal. You won’t find a better group of caring coaches elsewhere.  

Fit Farm, Omaha, NE

Fit Farm is another great gym in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s for all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. They have a diverse, welcoming community and a great CrossFit program. When you sign up for CrossFit with Fit Farm, your first month features more than just CrossFit education. It also features one-on-one training, a class introduction and nutrition advice. They also offer CrossFit for Kids for ages five to 18!

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