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8 Best Smoothie Places in North Carolina

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Smoothies aren’t simply a craze. They’re a (often) nutritious and definitely delicious way to add fruits, vegetables, protein and more to your diet. They’re a convenient way to take a meal on the run. Plus, they’re filling, quick to make and can be thirst-quenching, too. The following places in North Carolina are noted for serving the best smoothies around. Here are our favorites. 

Juice Vibes, Clayton, Cary and Greenville, NC

Made from locally sourced ingredients, the smoothies at Juice Vibes are no doubt the healthiest around. Superfood Smoothies include All Hail to Kale, Grass Roots, Popeye, One-Eighty, Under the Sea, Kick Back Jack, Riptide, Beat It, Acai, Health Nut and more. And of course, a vast assortment of fruit and veggie smoothies are on the menu, too. Don’t be afraid to ask for variations on a recipe either. The staff here is always happy to meet a customer’s needs.

Cold Off the Press, Raleigh, NC

For an organic smoothie that provides quick and easy nutrition, visit Cold Off the Press. Made with cold-press juices, fruits, vegetables and other organic ingredients you’ll find the staff here ready to serve in any way they can. Want to leave something out of a recipe? Add something in? Not a problem here. Personalization—not policy—is the way they do business here. You’ll feel energized and refreshed after a Cold Off the Press smoothie.

Mountain Juicery, Asheville, NC

The Gourmet Smoothie Bar at Mountain Juicery is loaded with delicious and nutritious concoctions, perfect for starting your day or providing a pick-me-up later on. Try the Chocolate Cherry Protein One, Blue Ridge Bliss, Heavy Greens or Mornin’ Joe. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The menu is ample and the ingredients are fresh and sourced locally when possible.

Happy + Hale, Raleigh, NC

Empowering their customers with “healthy fuel,” Happy + Hale doesn’t skimp on delicious—especially when serving up their amazing smoothies. Choose from a Hale Mary, Bright Eye, Green No Envy, City of Oats and more. All their smoothies are gluten-free and vegan. 

Juicekeys, Raleigh, NC

Juicekeys offers the “keys to good health,” and one of those keys is their delicious, healthy smoothie menu. All organic, gluten-free, and free of dairy, soy, refined sugars and GMOs, you simply can’t go wrong on your path to good health when you stop here. Go extra healthy with Green Goodness and K’s Way or treat yourself to something seemingly sinful with Healthy Milkshake or Strawberry Cheesecake. Whether you’re replacing a meal or looking for a delicious snack, know you’re doing your body good with one of these smoothies.

Village Juice Company, Winston-Salem, NC

You can’t go wrong with house-made almond milk and house-made organic coconut milk, and that’s what you’ll find in many of the smoothies at Village Juice Company. Consider Sunset, made with house-made organic coconut milk, pineapple, organic mango, banana and lime. It’s a fan favorite. Or try Mint Chip, made from house-made almond milk, organic house-made coconut milk, organic spinach, dates, banana, organic cacao and organic mint leaves. Yum! This is delicious and nutritious to the nth degree!

Green Brothers Juice Company, Charlotte, NC

Check out a Top Shelf smoothie at Green Brothers Juice Company, and indulge in their Power Lunch. Created with blueberries, banana, cacao powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, almond, coconut oil, vegan protein and coconut water, it will fill you up and give you energy that will last until dinner time. You’ll be in awe of the categories and menu selections. From a light and fruity smoothie to one that definitely counts as a meal, Green Brothers has it all.

Clean Juice, Durham, NC

At Clean Juice, many of the ingredients in their smoothies are organic and all of them are healthy. Their tagline, Healthy Body & Strong Spirit, has followed them from opening their first store in North Carolina just three years ago, and having expanded to 16 stores since then. They believe that every good gift is from above and they want their smoothies, juices and more to express that. You can’t go wrong with anything you order here.

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