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9 Best Pho Restaurants in North Carolina!

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When you’re craving a warm and hearty meal, North Carolina’s excellent pho restaurants have you covered. From modern takes and fusion-driven joints to family-owned pho paradises, you can find an impressive variation throughout the state. Here are the best pho restaurants in North Carolina!   

Pho Far East, Raleigh, NC

For many people in the area, Pho Far East is the best. Large bowls of pho for an affordable price keep bellies happily filled. Choose from a variety of different beef broths and spices and then cool off with a refreshing bubble tea.

Lang Van, Charlotte, NC

Lang Van in Charlotte is a family affair. Vietnamese immigrant opened the restaurant to help bring her culture to her new environment while learning more about her new home. Since opening, Lang Van has become a favorite in the Charlotte community. 

Bowl of Pho, Durham, NC

Open for breakfast lunch and dinner, you can indulge in a steaming bowl of pho almost anytime you crave it. All soups have a beef broth and you can add your choice of toppings. Tofu, veggie and seafood variations are also on the menu, with traditional accompanies of herbs and additional veggies and seasonings. 

Vietnamese Kitchen, Fayetteville, NC

Vietnamese Kitchen is a basic no frills pho restaurant that also has more popular Asian items on the menu. Stick with the pho and you’ll like be as happy with the locals at big bowls filled with noodles and veggies.

Saigon Pho, Raleigh, NC

Saigon Pho is tiny restaurant tucked away in a less traveled area of the city, but it is worth finding. The strip mall spot packs a lot of flavor into each carefully crafted bowl of pho. To wash down your choice of pho, try one of the freshly made smoothies or other Vietnamese beverages.

Pho Super 9, Raleigh, NC

Closed on Wednesdays, try Pho Super 9 any other day of the week for a bowl of pho that can be customized to meet your dietary needs. Pho is made with rice noodles and thus is naturally gluten free but you can also try a vegetable broth based variation. You can also get a smaller bowl for smaller appetites. 

Pho Real, Charlotte, NC

Pho Real provides modern ambience and cool surroundings to go with your pho bowl. The combo bowl is reportedly the favorite way to go, or you can mix it up by choosing your own toppings to mingle in the rich beef based broth. With a variety of bowl sizes, you can indulge as much or as little as you choose.

Wild Ginger Noodle, Asheville, NC

Wild Ginger Noodle is a favorite spot for pho if you find yourself in Asheville. The open kitchen quickly serves up steaming bowls of pho as well as refreshing drinks and bubble tea to help keep your mouth cool and refreshed. Due to the fast preparation, takeout is a favorite with the locals.

Pho Nam, Cornelius, NC

Pho Nam may be one of the best kept secrets in the state. Tucked into a tiny corner, the space is unassuming but the family greets customers with friendliness and the occasional free glass of water or soda while you wait for your order. People from the greater surrounding area drive out of their way for the service and delicious bowls of pho. 

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