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6 Best Mom and Pop Restaurants in North Carolina!

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The meals you have for supper at home with your family are irreplaceable. To get that home-cooked meal flavor and vibe, the cozy and welcoming mom and pop restaurants of North Carolina are your spot. From world-famous pork chops to homemade cornbread, find all the classics at our favorite mom and pop restaurants in the state. 

Snappy Lunch, Mt. Airy, NC

A trip to Mayberry just is not complete without a stop into the famous Snappy Lunch. The Mayberry landmark of the famous mention in “The Andy Griffith Show,” Snappy Lunch is a timeless, homely location in Mt. Airy. After the credit in the show by Andy Griffith himself, the mom and pop location in the small town of Mayberry gained momentum in articles, reviews, and with famous names stopping in for a bite. Breakfast options including plates with an egg and your choice of meat or fresh biscuits are served up from 6 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Lunch from 10 a.m. until closing gives you an opportunity to get your hands on a pork chop sandwich, more traditional sandwiches such as grilled cheese, BLT and ham and cheese, and hot dogs and burgers. The World-Famous Pork Chop sandwich has people from all over coming in to try it for themselves, and as a unique flavorful sandwich, it is well worth the high praise! 

Dan’l Boone Inn and Restaurant, Boone, NC

One of the oldest restaurants in Boone and voted one of the best in the state, dig a fork or your hands into some warm, delicious Southern comfort food—served family style at Dan’l Boone Restaurant. Breakfast or dinner, take your pick to enjoying southern classics just how grandma made them. Dinner offers a selection of southern fried chicken, country-style steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and don’t forget to save from for a delightful, homemade dessert! Maybe you are craving a Southern style breakfast? The menu is full of incredible options including your traditional favorites scrambled eggs, grits, pancakes, buttermilk biscuits, bacon, country ham, and sausage. Pay one price and eat all that your belly can stomach, and don’t forget your cash or checkbook before dining.

Purple Onion Café, Shallotte, NC

In a simple mom and pop atmosphere, dine in, and order from a variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, and burger options. During breakfast, the Purple Onion serves fabulous eggs benedict, French toast, and omelets. The lunch menu has salads, and plentiful burger, sandwich, and quesadilla options. The bakery is also an excellent stop for a treat. Feel right at home at the Purple Onion with generous portions, and friendly service!

The Skylight Inn, Ayden, NC

Open since 1947, the hogs are cooked over wood, and the barbecue is served hot and fresh. The signature style of barbecue reels you in for a sandwich, and the sides complement your barbecue so well! Cornbread or slaw, they are both made from scratch, just the way you love it. Wash it all down with a delicious cup of tea or a bubbly soft drink. 

Lovick’s Café, Kinston, NC

Family owned and operated since 1941, Lovick’s Café serves breakfast and lunch to eager customers daily. A wonderful warm start to the day, order a breakfast plate with your choice of meat, side and bread, an omelet, hot cakes, French toast, biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, and brilliant sides that will make your mouth water. For lunch, dive into a soup or salad, burger or sandwich, a lunch plate, and don’t forget the classic lunch sides such as mashed potatoes, collards, green beans, or potato salad to name a few! The friendly service and delicious foods simply can’t be beat!

Mike’s Farm, Beulaville, NC

A down-home eatery in Beulaville, Mike’s farm brings amazing family style Southern meals straight to the farm tables inside. Just like ma’s, the front porch is fit with rocking chairs to relax after the big meal or just before getting in and getting seated. Dig into some tenderloin and gravy, warm, crispy fried chicken and a side of corn, green beans, homemade macaroni, and mashed potatoes. 

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