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7 Best Speakeasies in Montana!

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Most of Montana might be open and gorgeous natural wilderness, but rest assured that there are plenty of city amenities sprinkled throughout the state too. Among those are some outstanding speakeasies as well as hidden and historical bars. Explore the most popular favorites with this list of the top choices in Montana.

Stave and Hoop Speakeasy, Missoula, MT

Stave and Hoop is a treasured Missoula speakeasy that will satisfy anyone’s taste for mystery and adventure. You enter through an alley alongside this epic historical building and open the door to a modern speakeasy you’ll love.

Fifty-One Below, Butte, MT

The Miner’s Hotel is a historic hotel in Butte, but it holds a special secret: a basement bar. Head down to Fifty One Below and enjoy a world of class, sophistication, and spectacular cocktails.

Devil’s Toboggan, Bozeman, MT

You don’t need snow to take a ride on Devil’s Toboggan, a famous speakeasy bar in Bozeman. Head to the second floor of a restored factory building to spend your evening at this trendy cocktail bar.

Speakeasy 41, Helena, MT

While most speakeasies focus on cocktails, Speakeasy 41 is all about the beer. This Helena brewery gives off classic historical vibes while serving up mug after mug of delicious brews.

Josephine’s Speakeasy, Coram, MT

In quaint Coram, Josephine’s Speakeasy is an adventure just waiting to be had. Located in a cozy cabin, this exclusive speakeasy is only open during the warm weather months, so be sure to visit it in the summer.

Blind Bison, Traveling locations, MT

Most speakeasies are hard to find because of their hidden entrances, but Blind Bison is hard to find because it’s never in the same place. This traveling speakeasy can only be found by following its social media pages to see when and where it will pop up.

The Jawbone, White Sulphur Springs, MT

Walking into The Jawbone is like walking back in time to the sophisticated cocktail bars of decades past. This bar has a stylish speakeasy atmosphere but it welcomes all into its lounge.

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