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Mississippi Agriculture And Forestry Museum


Historically, our American lifestyle, economy, and work ethic were immersed in agricultural and forestry industries. Today, while these industries are still a major factor in our nation’s economy, our lifestyle and work are almost completely removed from their overt influence. The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum was conceived to chronicle the technological and economic developments which led to changes in our quality of life. Mississippi is in a prime position to tell the story. Our agricultural and forestry history parallels America’s development, and both industries are still dominant in the state’s economy. Mississippi’s shift from a rural to an urban society is more recent and, therefore, more easily documented.

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum and the National Agricultural Aviation Museum tell the story of agriculture and forestry as the state’s and region’s two most important industries. This story is centered around people—farmers, loggers, sawmill workers, agricultural aviators—and the way they have used determination, creativity, experimentation, and adaptability producing a proud heritage for the South. The Museum was designed to preserve artifacts of the agricultural and forestry industries and to chronicle the achievements as well as the disappointments of our people as it presents a cultural and economic rather that political view of history.

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