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9 Best Historic Restaurants in Mississippi

ms historic restaurants

Restaurants come and go in Mississippi, but there are a few that have been serving generations of patrons. The Magnolia State’s rich history is reflected in some of its long-standing eateries, giving today’s generation a chance to experience the same meals and atmosphere as their parents and grandparents. Experience the state’s finest cuisine at these 9 best historic restaurants in Mississippi. 

Weidmann’s, Meridian, MS

One of Mississippi's longest-running traditions has been around since 1870. Tried-and-true family recipes are their bread and butter, and it's become quite the hot spot for homemade desserts. Everything from their neon sign to balcony-style dining to bare brick walls represents the elegance that's contributed to their long-standing success. 

The Hollywood Cafe, Robinsonville, MS

This tiny cafe has been dishing fine Mississippi fare since 1969. It might not have celebrity appeal from the outside but rest sure that there are good things happening on their menu. Locals claim there's no such thing as a bad meal, and their long-standing history is a clear testament to that.

Mary Mahoney’s, Biloxi, MS

Tucked inside one of the oldest homes in the country, every visit here is one cloaked in history. The stunning French-style interior is nothing short of breathtaking, and the menu is the epitome of southern refinement. The old live oak outside only adds to its historical grandeur.

Old Country Store, Lorman, MS

This old country buffet is also serving up a heaping helping of nostalgia with every meal. Equal parts tourist attraction and locals hang out, you’ll find authentic Southern flavors that are every bit as good as what your grandma used to make. Make sure you take time to explore all the homey antique knick-knacks and art lining their shelves—it's part of the experience!

Klondyke Trading Post, Vicksburg, MS

This Vicksburg favorite has been serving local patrons for generations. Everywhere you look, you get an eyeful of vintage goodness that you can't find just anywhere. It also helps that they have some of the best food in town, including fresh grilled steaks and burgers.

Mayflower Cafe, Jackson, MS

This iconic restaurant dates back to 1935, and not much has changed since its opening. The outside still looks much like it did decades ago, complete with neon lights and Art Deco sign. They’re serving up some of the tastiest Greek food in town, all in their retro surrounds that make them so unique in the first place. 

Biscuits and Blues, Natchez, MS

This restaurant is a historical gym in every sense of the word. Not only are they hidden inside a building that has stood the test of time, but they also pay homage to two of Mississippi's most beloved icons: Biscuits and blues. Their menu is packed with rich southern and Cajun food, and it'll be hard to choose just one meal.

Walnut Hills Restaurant, Vicksburg, MS

The house itself was built in 1880 but this round-table eatery didn’t emerge until a whole century later. Still, the restaurant has preserved the home’s history and keeps its legacy alive. Visitors love coming here simply to marvel at the home’s beauty and elegance, but it helps that the food is equally fitting to its surrounds.

Big Apple Inn, Jackson, MS

It’s hard not to pass through Jackson without hearing about this neighborhood eatery. It’s been a fixture in the community for years, serving up southern eats like pig ear sandwiches and smoked sausage. Locals agree it’s a must try if you’re ever in the area.

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