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10 Best Thai Restaurants in Michigan

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Thai food is one of the best choices when looking for a new restaurant in Michigan. Not only is it rich in culture, but it's also surprisingly affordable—which means you can get your yum on without breaking the bank! From Jee’s Top5 Thai Food in Wyandotte to Thai Princess in Okemos, let's discover the 10 best Thai restaurants in Michigan.

Som Jai Thai Cuisine, Warren, MI

If you love pork belly and sticky rice, you'll adore Som Jai Thai Cuisine. Regulars say that even the pickiest of eaters—including toddlers—want seconds when they dine here! With a 4.9 rating on Google Reviews, this restaurant is one of the most popular Thai restaurants around.

Jee's Top5 Thai Food, Wyandotte, MI

Jee's Top5 Thai Food is the best choice for made-to-order Thai cuisine downriver. Reviews praise for their authentic flavors. It’s a great place to try something new or enjoy a well-executed classic dish!

Suphan Thai Kitchen, Southgate, MI

Sweet pink milk? Sounds like the ultimate pairing with a spicy Thai dish. Try this and more at Suphan Thai Kitchen, a fan-favorite around the region for their authentic dishes.

Takoi, Detroit, MI

Make a reservation here for date night! The food is fantastic, and the cocktails are even better. In a state where it's sometimes hard to find something trendy and new, this place is a breath of fresh air while remaining true to its Thai roots!

Coastal Thai, Wyandotte, MI

A staple in the community, this list would only be complete with Coastal Thai. With their specialties like curry catfish, they've been on a mission to bring delicious Thai flavors to Michigan since they opened.

Khom Fai Thai Dining Experience, Macomb, MI

For a casual and delicious option in Michigan, try Khom Fai Thai Dining Experience. This restaurant serves various standard dishes in a relaxed, simple interior, and the food is flavorful, well-prepared, and inexpensive.

Pasong's Cafe, Saginaw, MI

Pasong's Cafe is a hidden gem in Northern Michigan. It's not exclusively a Thai restaurant, but it's so delicious that it deserves to be on this list. Locals love their Thai Iced Tea, which is sweet and has a great blend of bitterness and sweetness.

Rak Thai Bistro, Clare, MI

Looking for a place to grab a bite after work? Rak Thai Bistro is your place! This cute Thai restaurant has it all—from their Mochinuts and Boba to their Thai fix.

Thai Princess, Okemos, MI

As a prince seeks his princess, this Thai restaurant has sought its spot on "best of Michigan" lists. The food was incredible— a great combination of sweet and savory flavors and a very light, yet satisfying, spiciness.

Saab Sis Thai, Royal Oak, MI

Saab Sis Thai is a family-run eatery inspired by a rich Thai heritage. They use traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations of cooks. A visit to Saab Sis Thai will make you realize how exceptional Thai food can be!

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