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8 Best Lunch Spots in Michigan!

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High noon in Michigan means one thing: Time to start thinking about lunch. Michigan has plenty of great options for those looking for a quick bite in the middle of the day, so those looking for a great lunch choice won't need to look far. Grab your napkin and get ready for 8 great lunch options in Michigan!

Zingerman's Delicatessen, Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor plays host to Zingerman's Delicatessen, which pretty much sets the standard for Michigan lunch options. Since the word “deli” is right in the name, you know full well what's on hand here: Some of the best sandwiches the state can boast. From corned beef and pastrami to straight beef and turkey—not to mention the vegetarian options—all of these together make for one great lunch. It goes beyond the sandwich, of course, but Zingerman's is known for its sandwiches. Among other things.

Old Tavern Inn, Niles, MI

On the surface, the Old Tavern Inn in Niles may not look like much, but it's got one great point on its side: History. The Old Tavern Inn is actually the oldest continually-operating business, operating in its original location, in Michigan. It's been running since 1835, and in the same place. With burgers in the third-pound and half-pound varieties, jumbo chili and cheese hot dogs, and a hot ham sandwich on French bread, there's plenty to enjoy for lunch.

Lehto's Pasties, St. Ignace, MI

The Upper Peninsula has one great lunch tradition on its side, and that's the pasty. Pronounced PAH-stee, this treat amounts to a roll stuffed with a variety of foods, from meat to vegetables. At Lehto's Pasties in St. Ignace—one of the Upper Peninsula's original pasty shops—it's beef, chicken and vegetables along with potato, onion and rutabaga. Put it all in one package and the end result is a complete lunch that fits in your hand.

Ambassador, Houghton, MI

The Upper Peninsula's lunch options don't stop at the pasty, though—just ask the Ambassador in Houghton. Featuring salads, nachos, sandwiches and pasta, it's a great lunch stop. The king of the Ambassador's offerings, however, is its tostada pizza. Essentially a massive taco in pizza form, this wonder of lunch features ground beef, white colby cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and hot sauce all in one.

Kitchen 67, Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids' Kitchen 67 represents one impressive landmark in lunch development, personified by the Bird in Hand sandwich. Breaded chicken, coupled with a heavy mayonnaise and chopped lettuce ribbons. A decent sandwich, but it comes with a particularly sound recommendation: Huffington Post called it the No. 1 sandwich to “try before you die.” It's not the only sandwich there, of course, but that alone makes Kitchen 67 one to enjoy.

North Side Memories, South Haven, MI

A beach town has to know lunch like few other places do, and North Side Memories in South Haven is a place that knows lunch on par with the greats. Soup, salad, sandwiches...all on hand right here. Better yet, there's even a chicken dinner for those colder days when you want something a little more filling. Just to top it all off, North Side Memories is ready with a brownie, a cookie, or some ice cream to make a sweet ending to a tasty lunch.

The Wanigan Eatery and Deli, Bay City, MI

Bay City is home to the Wanigan Deli, recently under new ownership and ready to provide some exciting options for lunch in the area. How exciting? How does 32 different sandwiches strike you? Like a bolt from the blue, that's how it strikes me. Throw in a daily soup and salad, a few breakfast options for those late risers, and even some dessert options—you looking for a pumpkin log? You'll have everything you can ask for and maybe just a little more.

Crunchy's, East Lansing, MI

Head out to East Lansing for this shot of sound lunch at Crunchy's, where every sandwich comes with your choice of regular or barbecue chips. What's more, you'll not only have an option for sandwiches, but you can go on from there to enjoy a breaded perch basket and even fish tacos. Tack on burgers and pizza, and karaoke Thursday through Saturday, and you've got a place not just for lunch, but for dinner and beyond.

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