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The 7 Best Holistic and Health Food Stores in Michigan!

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If you’re looking to make your lifestyle a little bit healthier, the holistic and health food stores of Michigan will help set you on the right path. From natural food stores with fresh vegetables and fruits to markets with essential oils and natural deodorants, the selection is vast. Here are the 7 best holistic and health food stores in the state. 

Apple Valley Natural Foods, Multiple locations

With five locations in Michigan—and one in Illinois—there are plenty of places to find an Apple Valley Natural Foods location. A string of monthly specials provides access to some truly unique products at great prices, and from vegetables to meat to deodorant and essential oil, you'll have the fullest range of options waiting for you right here. If you don't happen to have an Apple Valley near you, don't worry—there's even an online store for you to pick up the best in holistic goods.

People's Food Co-Op of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI

The People's Food Co-Op of Kalamazoo, in Kalamazoo as the name suggests, offers up some of the best in organic food and similar options around. Fresh foods, bulk goods, refrigerated items like local and organic dairy and more are all on hand. Perhaps best of all, the store even has a deli like many other kinds of grocery stores, yet with some impressively vegetarian options. Like the meat loaf? You may want to try the veggie loaf as well. Shawarma chicken, potato soup, and more are all options at the People's Food Co-Op of Kalamazoo.

Natural View Market, Brighton, MI

Brighton's Natural View Market offers a multi-level experience that's hard to match anywhere, even in Michigan. The first level is devoted mainly to foods and supplements of various types, down to a complete smoothie menu that offers up such flavors as the Brighton Berry and the Tropical Green Machine. The second level, meanwhile, is for the Wellness Med Spa, offering information on a wide range of services like naturopathy and even colon hydrotherapy. Natural View has an amazing range of options, so stop in and check these folks out.

Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements, Grand Rapids, MI

“Your local source for all things botanical and natural.” That's how Grand Rapids' Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements bills itself, and it's got a good case for that to be true, as expansive as it may sound. A staggering array of products are on hand here, from herbs and teas to aromatherapy and cosmetics to even accessories and raw ingredients to make your own face and body treatments. They've even got recipe books to fire your creativity, whether you work to spec or you go your own way. 

Treehouse for the Earth's Children, Farmington, MI

Treehouse for the Earth's Children offers a surprising range of options, including a full grocery store, a massage center, and a range of organic products including fermented milk and drinks involving apple cider vinegar. Perhaps the real winner is the store's kitchen, which includes an all-you-can-eat organic and raw food buffet on the third Sunday of every month. 

The Healing Center of Lakeview, Lakeview, MI

The Healing Center of Lakeview offers a rather start-to-finish approach to holistic care. It's not just about available products, because you can also get a complete wellness assessment. It's a 30-minute test that will help pin down just what problems are going on in your mind and body, which will subsequently lead to the necessary tools and changes to help get you back on track. Services like acupuncture and reflexology are on hand here, as well as products ranging from homeopathy to herbal supplements.

Healthy Habitz, Frankenmuth, MI

Frankenmuth's Healthy Habitz store started out as a mother and daughter operation back in 1998, and has carried on to become ultimately a grandmother and granddaughter operation. Try out the Vitality Tanning Bed—different from the normal variety—or the Ionic Detox Foot Spa. Products range from teas and related supplies to cassava flour items and grain-free tortilla chips. There's even a purified water station to make sure you get all that you're after in holistic care.

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