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The 10 Best Dog Kennels in Michigan!

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While a vacation to Michigan can be an exciting, action-packed experience, the question of what to do with man's best friend—the dog—comes up. While some of Michigan's activities are dog-friendly, like that trip to the beach, not every place is so accommodating. So when planning a Michigan vacation, why not consider a vacation for your dear pup as well? With that in mind, check out this list of 10 great Michigan dog kennels, some of which might be so luxurious you'll be jealous of the dog's vacation.

Paw Print Inn, Novi, MI

The Paw Print Inn in Novi represents one great notion in pet boarding: Luxury above all. It's not just for dogs, as cats are welcome too, and even “special needs” pets will have some great options here. Featuring top-notch meal service, group play in morning and afternoon, regular potty breaks and a “gourmet snack” at bedtime, the Paw Print Inn will offer a sumptuous experience for your dear pup. There will even be educational sessions, as an “Obedience and Fun” course reinforces basic commands, and ends with a “fun activity.”

Top Dog Kennels, Atlantic Mine, MI

When Top Dog Kennels says that many of its guests don't want to go home after a stay, you know they're having a prime vacation. Training and bath services are on hand, along with closed-circuit video camera security. The owner actually lives just across the street, so it's almost as though he's on premises all the time. He's also a professional trainer, reports note, with over 30 years’ experience in training both military and police dogs.

Pet Ritz, Brighton, MI

Heading to Brighton? Make a stop at the Pet Ritz, situated in the middle of a wonderfully open rural environment measuring 12 acres. Bathing, grooming and training are all on the menu here, as well as some great socialization sessions with group play. The place has been operating for 30 years, and its operators are current members of the Outstanding Pet Care Group. They're even certified in Off-Leash Dog Play, making for a terrific experience for your pet.

Lucky Puppy Country Dog Care, Maybee, MI

Out between Adrian and Detroit on the Toledo side, Maybee is home to one great option in dog boarding: Lucky Puppy Country Dog Care. Completely cage-free, offering in-house overnight stays, Lucky Puppy offers two different three-acre outdoor playgrounds, an indoor playground (for when fickle Michigan weather goes south) as well as an in-ground pool shaped like a bone. 

Best Friends Pet Care, Lansing, MI

If you're in Lansing, you know there's a lot to see. About half an hour's reading on this site will prove that much out. Those looking for a billet for the pup, meanwhile, will do well to consider Best Friends Pet Care, which offers a full suite of spa options—tooth brushing, moisturizers and even the “de-skunking” shampoo—as well as training classes and play sessions. Premium kibble is on hand, or feel free to bring your own special blend in. There's even a complete “report card” that fills dog parents in on just how well the pup did in their absence.

Derspinna Kennels, Kalamazoo, MI

While in Kalamazoo, you'll have a lot to do, but when you need a place for your pet to stay, consider Derspinna Kennels. Nature walks, golf cart rides, and a variety of grooming services from massage to ear rubs are all on the books. Throw in the fact that the owners have been training show dogs since the 1970s—and winning plenty of awards in the process—and that should provide plenty of peace of mind while leaving your pup in their charge. 

Diana's Personal Touch, Traverse City, MI

This kennel ranked at nearly five stars on both Facebook and Google. Diana's offers grooming for both dogs and cats, as well as regular treats throughout the day. In perhaps the best move, Diana's even offers a practical guide for what to look for in a kennel, which makes it clear it's got all those points. 

Woodside Kennels, Saginaw, MI

“So exclusive it won't accept people.” That's the motto of Saginaw's Woodside Kennels, built in 1989 for the express purpose of being a boarding and grooming operation. Updated in 2008, each dog gets a heated and air conditioned—though not at the same time—bedroom and a door leading to an outdoor enclosed run. Offering separate facilities for cats, high quality food—with an option to bring your own—and in perhaps the high point, the facility plays music “continuously” in a bid to make a relaxed environment.

Sitting Pretty Pet Spa, Grand Haven, Muskegon, MI

A trip to Grand Haven means upscale fun and excitement for people, but thanks to the Sitting Pretty Pet Spa, it means just that for the pooches as well. Sitting Pretty offers a wide array of spa treatments, including the Winter Favorites upgrade package that features nail grinding, a “paw balm” treatment and peppermint oil, which is welcoming for just about anyone with a sense of smell. There's even a whole attached boutique for some home-based treatments and a separate location in Muskegon for those in the neighborhood.

Brooknelle Pet Resort, Grand Rapids, MI

While there are several dog kennels on hand in Grand Rapids, Brooknelle Pet Resort does a little something different to make it stand out. It offers many of the standard boarding services, like two different kinds of Science Diet food with the option to bring your own. It also offers a spectacular way to put it to the ultimate test, offering a free one-day “stress buster” visit to see exactly how the resort works and what a dog can expect staying therein.

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